Final Interview with SSP Insider META: The Great Awakening

(Adoninas) In this episode we take a step back from the Dark Fleet and focus our attention on his awakening, the planetary awakening, the present, and the future.

Where will these Great Awakening take us? Keep reading to find out:



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Host: Hello, hello, hello? We’re almost connected, I can see you. There you are.

META: There we are.

Host: OK. How are you META?

META: I’m doing pretty good. I’ve had an eventful week, everything’s going on pretty well so I’m rather happy.

Host: Cool. It’s been almost two weeks since we last talked and I feel like there has been a lot going on so, how you been what’s been going on?

META: Oh man, yeah it’s been a world of change lately all sorts of things happening all over the place. We had the earthquake in the UK today, smaller earthquakes across europe. Of course the Florida shooting… you know? Just wild events going on everywhere, and Q is posting, so you have to cope with that. I don’t know all sorts of things really.

Are there any I’m missing that you’ve noticed? Obviously the schumann resonance is going of the charts, especially today.

Host: Well, I don’t know but yes, a lot going on and also a lot of insiders… I don’t know if you watched the last episode of David Wilcock?

META: I got to catch a little bit, I’m with the guy and the alien autopsies. I think that was all I watched.

Host: OK, because after that there was a woman who was in the Air Force and she had a story also similar to all of you guys’ stories, you know? Like many themes popped up like the compartimentalization of the Space Program and the ET races that are involved there. She confirmed many of the info that we shared in our interviews.

META: Oh she did? I’d love to hear that. It makes my life feel a lot easier when I get outside confirmation… you know? You feel like you’re the only guy if you don’t have someone else who has similar experinces sometimes.

Host: Yeah, like she even talked about her “handler”. It seems like this is also a theme that they use to control people.

META: Oh yeah, specially the ones that are in the psi programs more than anything. They have handlers more than anything because they [¿?] heading and guiding and they don’t want you to go off track because bad things would happen if someone with those psi abilities go off track.

And it’s unpredictable. You don’t know… everyone can start going crazy around them for no reason. You don’t know what could go wrong, you know what I mean? If somebody in the psi programme goes off track.

Host: Hmmm…. and well, I was thinking about… acutally I told many people like “you know what, were having a fifth interview” and they were like “Another one? Like, what could you possibly talk about?“. We have 5 hours of audio, right? so it’s a lot. We’ve covered a lot of topics. And I was like “man you have no idea”. We could talk hours and hours and… I mean there’s just so much to talk about, really.

META: Yeah I can go deeper into different parts of the disclosure. I can talk now about the third nodal point, finally, so we can get into that… which is more of the stoy on how I was returned and how it really got kind of like split. There was several splits there where we had…  you know, there was a multiple dimensional me in that third nodal point where they were mes that decicded to stay with the dark fleet. There were two of those… there was two mes that decided to stay with Dark Fleet and be operative, be a double agent. And there was one me that just took off, and spend the rest of his stay up there with just the light forces. And then there’s the one who came back so…

Host: Oh… wait. That’s a lot of people how can you keep track of all the yous that are existing.

META: Well for a long time I couldn’t. And I had no clue what was going on. And it was really… that’s why if you ask me “What happened at the end”. I’m like “huh, buddy…” you know? It depends on which one we’re talking about, you know what I mean? It’s hard to explain becuase a lot of the information, when it comes back it’s not in order.

A lot of the time correlating things and sure that it matches up with the other experiences and when you get to the end, it’s like, “holy crap!”. I was doing these really evil things, but then I was doing this really great things, how does that make any sense? And then you have to remember, “Well, how did I exactly leave?”. And you have to remember what happened.

And you went back to what happened and, I mean… it all started to come to a big head when the original me that had been working as a double agent for a while had decided to do what the light forces told me to do. The light beings in particular told me to do, which was to take several of my suits and hide them in portals in specific areas.

And so I took three [¿?] and I put one in a Dark Portal, a blank dimentional blank portal. They set up little… it was like a box that had a normal, like [¿?] or [¿?]… And it was made kind of like white metal or white stone. Am I still there?

Host: Yes. It was a cube of some sort? That’s where I left. Hello? Hello? Oh my…

[Connection Lost]

Host: Hello?

META: Hey, I’m back.

Host: OK, we left in the… you had some object that you teleported.

META: Oh yes. OK it all came to a head in the third nodal point in that area right there. I took three [¿?] and I placed them in portals that the light beings told me to do this. And so I put three of these suits in this different portals. One was in a dark portal and it was kind of like a box, or a small little [¿?] like a closet or something that they told me to put it inside that.

And it had like four pillars it was made of stone, it had a [¿?] at the top and the bottom… and two little doors that slided open. And the same thing in the white dimension and the black one. And one of my choosing in the 3-dimensional world.

And so I did that and very… it wasn’t later after that that I got caught, but the multidimensional mes, wherever I did that, the all came back together and several of them from the light dimension went to the light dimension. And two decided to stay as double agents. And one decided not to do that, not to put the suits through those portals like I did.

And those where the connective points that I received information from after my physical self was returned. So I got information from two straight full-on dark fleet agents, portal operators… two double agents and one that only served the light forces.
And those continued on for different periods of time. Each one was different, and some of them lasted longer up there than others, and some of them didn’t.

Host: Wait, so some of them died?

META: Oh yeah, yeah, four of them died. The only one that survived was the one that stayed with the light forces.

Host: Oh wow.

META: They didn’t make it.

Host: Oh ok, so maybe that’s part of all these, let’s say… well the timeline is becoming one timeline right?

META: Yeah, that was another reason of why they had me do this… it’s that a baseline for the postiive and negative side of the spectrum of this timeline, so that it was kind of like collapse proof. I mean, if a timeline collapse there has to be a catastrophic timeline event where is spewing one dimension into another, to cause a timeline collapse. And it has to be one way, if it goes both ways then you get a blending, and it won’t collapse either way, they’re just sort of entwined.

But, uh… that’s kind of what I did [¿?] the far end of the spectrum on the dark side and the far end of the spectrum in the light side, in that it prevents the dark forces to try to collapse a timeline completely. You know, these dimensions are shared their… uh… they kind of blend together in a way the prevents them from falling completely.

Cobra mentioned that we had a collapse of this timeline, but the beauty of it… there’s this issue of these connected points and, you know? the lateral dimensions… it can be rebuilt, it doesn’t really collapse, you know? Like it could if it was a stand-alone. That started happening a long time ago, actually. I became aware of that a while back. It’s similar… it has some effects, you notice them in the mandela effect and things like that. Those are some other examples of it.

And you’ll notice that one things that happens is that a lot of times you’ll be able to see that there are artifacts from other timelines as we shifted dimensions slightly. And VCR tapes, and I have a theory about them, I think it has to do with the magnetic tape on it. I think it kind of prevents, or slows down the blending of the timeline, the magnetic tape does, which, you find a lot of artifacts in those areas. Are you still there?

Host: Yeah. Wow that’s interesting.

META: Yeah. So I got to see, you know? Both of my darker alters. One drank the black goo and ended up dying on a raiding ship, and the other one went through a planet (one of the outposts) and kind of halfway retired and instead just ran portals from the planet. Since it was like a corporate pirate thing it was pretty much like running-your-own-business inside of that military group. And he managed to survive a lot longer, but eventually he was poisoned by gas and died. He was stuck in a room that was buffered and wouldn’t let him portal out and was poisoned by gas and died.

One of the double agents was caught, maybe six months later and was tortured to dead over and over again and then spaced… and then the other double agent managed to survive for almost 3 years and finally escaped, but didn’t make it very far. What he escaped in didn’t give him enough… he did not have a suit to portal with, and escaped in a shuttle craft and he was nowhere near the planet and was left up there. And no one came… so that’s why he didn’t make it.

Host: Wait, you have memories of these in first-person?

META: Yes.

Host: Oh OK.

META: Yes, and that’s why it was so confusing. You know what I mean? One thing I think people might not realize is that if you’re connected to people in other dimensions [¿?] in other dinemsions… it’s another things about connecting to your oversoul, you’ll have these deep flashes when people in other dimensions pass away.

But it’s even more [¿?] when you have a double life like that, and you’ve actually met them in first person, you know? The one that escaped to the light forces instead, porting up suits, spent another almost 5 years there and eventually was able to go full light body and rejoin my oversoul, so he didn’t die at all. He just wen’t 4D, 5D, rejoined the oversoul. But, yeah that was a really special situation. It’s a really high, really advanced beings, and not… you know? Not your average situation.

Host: [Inadubible]

META: Yeah, in some ways I could see that yeah.

[Connection Lost]

META: Yeah, we spole a little bit about it before. And keep in mind that I spent doing many things my entire life to wake myself up. So I mean I’ve studied many esoteric arts. I’ve studied the Kabalah. I was raised methodist but I was a church fisherman, sort of what you could call it I guess, I’ve been to probably 50 different types of churces from episcopelian to catholic.

But in addition to all of that of course, you know, I studied a lot of eastern mysticisms, the celtic spiritualities and I learnt about ramadan… I’ve been reading tarot cards since I was 15, and of course I got into magick and a lot of different things therein… You know that’s been going on around my life and of course I’ve taught chess for 8 years.

And surprisingly enough, even after doing all of that, even egyptian faith and some Buddhism … I was a Buddhist for two years, I did bikram hot yoga for two years… even after all of that I wasn’t awake, I wasn’t really awake, you know? I had dreams that connected me to what I did in the secret space program. During that time, but I had no point of reference, no way of knowing what that dream meant, you know what I mean?
I was still in the old cluncky simbolism of a dream face, you know what I mean? Instead of understanding that they’re profetic dreams and past life dreams and future dreams and etheric dreams, you know what I mean? There’s all sorts of different types of dreams. I was just in the mode of still thinking of them as simbolism and inner meaning.

And so as much as I’d woken up to that point I wasn’t even close to waking up. I still believed in the maisntream media back then. I was totally [¿?] by 9-11 for like three or four years! And like I said I had that dream, probably like 5 years ago, about the three pointed crossroad, and the merkabah rising up to the ground and the merkaba floating over to the left side of my vision and forming more into the shape of a merkaba, spinning, riding itself, and then ondulating, bubbling triangles as it spun and coming back towards me, and me touching it and waking up.

And it was very soon after that that I got in full contact with my star family. It was just like… I asked to meet them and they were there, I could see them in my dreams, I could talk to them in my dreams, I could call on the, while I was away in meditation and have a conversation with them… I could ask them to heal me and they would, just a lot of things.

And it was soon after that that my memories started coming back. And for like weeks all I did was sit down and just write everything, you know what I mean? And I didn’t care if it was in the right order. And I didn’t care if it was even making sense. I just had to write it all down. And I think that’s an important step, because until it’s written down it’s all floating around in there and it’s a lot harder to get a hold of and make sense of.

And when you can see it there in front of you you realize that, you know “this part came before that part”, and things like that. And so you have to have like I don’t know how many pages worth of writing from my experiences… and that was around the time that I realized that I had the ehteric implants and everything else. And then I started asking my star familiy and the ascended masters and angelics and everything else to help me remove them. And since then it’s just been a continuing process, just like a seedling coming out of the groud at that point.

Host: [Inaudible]

META: Uhm… yes, you can call it the soul. It is the esence of who you are… yeah that’s the closest analogy I can think of.

Host: OK, cool.

META: And you know, for me, I mean, other people do it differently. I’ve met this guy recently that could tell you about your star familiy by using a pendulum, and he was very accurate. He was able to exactly tell me… I told him where I was from and he didn’t believe me, about my star familiy. Because I’m originally from Sirius B, but I have a strong relation with the pleadians and the arcturians, and the andromedan council of 12, because of my time I’ve been in Andromeda, right? Becuase I’ve spent that time in Andromeda with the Dark Fleet and I became a double agent for the light there I had a strong connection to the Andromeda Galaxy. And he didn’t believe me.

And then he did his pendulum reading, and he was able to identify that I was from Sirius B -and I only told him from Sirius, so I was suprised he was right there. And then he was also able to correctly identify that I was… that I had a strong connection to the andromeda galaxy, but he couldn’t tell about the pleadians or arcturians because those connections were more spanned out from the connection to the andromeda galaxy or siruis B.

That’s one thing I tell people a lot: Don’t just say “Oh I’m connected to THIS star family”, and you have to understand that there’s a bunch of different beings that had a hand in your progression, and each one of them has had a hand in helping you move forward and grow and become what you’re supposed to be. And it’s part of your family, you know? The more they contribute the more of a family they are actually. And so that’s something to look out when you start figuring out who your star family is, don’t be too exclusive.

Host: Yeah, now I was very interested in your experiences in the tree of life, and I just wanted to see if we could talk a little bit about the tree of life.

META: The tree of life, definetly… well I’ve been all over the tree of life. I’ve been everywhere except for keter. I’ve even been to the dark realms, I’ve been to the secret one that none speaks about, which is daath. Most people don’t know about it because it’s not on your normal three of life, but it’s there.

And I’ve seen amazing things happen on many different points in that… along in the [¿?] of the tree of life. Believe it or not, beauty has always been my favourite. It is the closest to what we can imagine as heaven. And it’s very similar to Robin Williams’ movie Dreams May Come, you know what I’m saying? It’s very similar to that. And only the people who have the highest light and vibration can even make it there, and they’re very creative and loving people and they create their own reality.

Host: Wow.

META: So, that’s how the stuff in Beauty is like. And we’ll focus on the center pillar for now, which is the kingdom which is earth, and then you have the foundation. For me the foudnation it was kind of like the [¿?] of the moon, it was always twilight, like almost nighttime, or almost daytime, it never seem to have full day or night [¿?] when I was there. The other expanse seem always like grayish sand… there were these… what do you call them? Those little pools of water in the desert if you will.

Host: Oasis.

META: Yeah, they were these oasis. And the ground is completely flat, so it’s very easy to miss, and if you look across the ground, you know, you coulnd’t see them unless you came around on it, you know?

And all of a sudden there’s a pool of water in front of you and if you step into the pool of water then it’s just like being in another enviroment you can breath in. There’s air, and there’s whole societies that live inside those pools. And it’s kind of like a bazar, it’s people from all over, you know what I mean? Not even necesarily human… and they are waiting for their turn to move on up into the rest of the tree of life.

And it happens regularly, they’d take off, wherever it is… a group of them will decide that they’re ready to go and they’ll leave in a vehicle of their own imagination. For humans a lot of times that’s like an airplane, like a giant passenger plane… I’ve seen fyling saucers I’ve seen all sorts of things, but it takes anywhere from ten to twelve of them to like build enough energy to do it.

Host: And, you know what, I was wondering… as you know the tarot has a relationship with the tree of life right?

META: It does, yeah.

Host: So I was wondering if you could use the major arcana as portals to enter the different worlds of the tree of life.

META: Yes. That is very true, yes. That’s a great question. Yes. And there’s a way to do it too, that I use personally. And something you can practice and then do it in your head whenever you want.

You’ll take your mayor arcana that asociates with the tree of life and the sephira, and you’ll write the image, like from left to right, all the way across into little bands until you created all the image right in your mind, and you can erase the image from right to left all the way back up. And if you practice doing that, then you can create an image in your mind and the simbolism directly correlates to the reality of the sefira. So it’s really easy to open a portal after you get to that point where you can do that.

Host: And what Tarot do you use? The Marseille Tarot?

META: Yeah, I’ve just used the old Rider-White deck.

Host: Oh! That’s weird becuase in that deck I think the Justice and the Force are exchanged, or not?

META: I don’t know…. since I only work with the Rider-White tarot.

Host: OK. Because in some Tarots the Justice is the number 8th and the Force is the 11th mayor arcana.

META: Very interesting. I wasn’t aware of that.

Host: Yeah, and I was very confused, because how can it be that in some tarots one card one number and in another one is another… like, there should be ONE correct Tarot.

META: Yeah… [¿?] from celtic tarot to… I don’t know… who knows what, faery tarot… every type of tarot. Like, I remember one of my, uh… one of my longest relationships she got a set of cards that were not cards, they were big circles. And it was called celestial tarot or something. So, yeah. There’s as many Tarot cards as there are people out there.

Host: And…. wait. Because when we last talked about the tree of life one book came into my head, and I thought “Maybe he knows about it”. And it’s a book called Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts, by Donald Michael Gregg. Have you heard of it?

META: Yes, I owned that book, since I was 16. As soon as I could drive I bought that book.

Host: That’s so funny.

META: It was stolen 6 years ago before I woke, by one of my ex-girlfriends. And I haven’t have it since. And I still miss it. It’s knowledge fading away.

Host: 6 years ago?

META: Yes.

Host: So in 2012.

META: That’s right. My lucky year.

Host: That’s so crazy you know? Because I found that very same book in one of my travels in a library and I don’t know if you can see it in the live feed, but it’s this book.

And I found it the same year, in 2012 in a little library in Israel and it just caught my eye, you know? I saw it and I had to buy it. And I bought the book.

META: Yeah, that a nice place to found it, in Israel. It’s a very powerfully positive version of the Kabalah right there. And it’s the one I recommend to anyone who wants to study that. It’s all about invoking the arcangels, it’s all about using source energy. And you’ll find for example, I’m sure you’ve read enough about it, like the LBRP.

Host: Oh yes.

META: Which is one of the earlier lessons. If you get good at that, that ritual… and I’ve done it hundreds of times. But after you get good at it and you’ve done it enough you can start just commanding it without having to go through all the motions. If it’s a very chaotic place and there’s a lot of people moving around, I can close my eyes and go into and astral body and do it real fast. But just on my own, out in the world when there’s no people around I just have [¿?]

And that’s the beauty of that, I think, it’s that… I mean, one think you have to be careful about in ritual and that type of high magick and trying to connect with the celestial realms is that there’s a lot of dogma involved in it. And they want you to say specifically this way every time. But once yo realize the emotions, your feelings, the visualizations and all thsoe other things that are very important to producing the outcome of creating a nice potent protective spell, you can let go of some of that dogma and you can recreate in your own image in a way that’s it’s more useful and it’s more efficient and it’s quicker…

So I mean, that’s another thing. I went back through that book so many times and I would write notes next to different parts of it about things that I’d change or ways to make it more effective that worked for me and things like that… But yeah, anyways.

Host: Wow. It’s such a big coincidence. I recommend that book all the time. It’s been huge, a huge influence in my life.

META: Yeah, it’s a great book. Have you done the Rose rCoss ritual yet?

Host: No, actually I stopped doing this whole rituals because it does take time and the author ir somewhat strict about doing it everyday. And sometimes doing it everyday it’s tiring, you know? After maybe 6 motnhs or so I left it.

META: Yeah, you gotta use your discernment on that sort of stuff you know what I mean? Remember, no matter what spiritual book you’re reading, you know? You have to take the pieces that are important and leave the pieces that are not, you know? I neve would have made it through so many spiritual books if I’d just taken everything verbatim and try to do it exactly as the book wanted me to do it. I wouldn’t have survived so many books.

But yea, I mean. That Rose Cross ritual is amazing also, and if you do that enough you can do it in your head also. And it basically makes you invisible to people who want to harm you. And it’s… well it goes even further than that. If you do it really well it makes everyone who’s not looking for you not be able to find you. And that happens to me when I do that. I’ll do it in my head… ’cause the rosecross is not just the four cardinal directions, it’s all 8 directions, you know what I mean? And, so I’ll go through the motions in my head, of that ritual -with all the wording and everything- and for example I’d walk into a place where everybody knows your name and no-one will notice me without anyone noticing me.

And I could be sitting there for 10-15 minutes and none will notice that I’m even there until I say something. And you know, that’s happened to me so many times. They all say something like “Oh I didn’t even recognize you, you look so different!”, yo know what I mean? And, you know, I attributed to that ritual, ’cause I’ve notice the change when I don’t do it and when I do do it – how it affects people around me. But it’s a good one to have on hand.

Host: And what about the middle pillar one?

META: The middle pillar? [¿?] I consider the middle pillar to be the same thing as meditation for the most part, you know? That’s what you’re doing in meditation anyways. You’re just going straight to keter, you know? Like, I’ve never been to keter in an astral form, but as far as sitting down in a meditation and pulling source light towards you it’s the same as going to keter.

But I’ve never traveled to the actual sephira of keter, you know what I mean? We just access the light of the central galactic sun, which is the energy coming from keter.

Host: And then there’s the advanced version in this book, it was I think it had the goal to strenghten your light body, because you imagine light pouring down in front of you, then back, you know? Left and right, does that really work.

META: Yes. Coming down like a fountain and spinning around you and all that, is that what you’re speaking of?

Host: Yes.

META: Yes, that works amazingly. And let me tell you, you’ll really feel an increase in your energy. And it’ll make you feel a little dizzy at first. It gets so powerful… if it starts moving faster than you’re ready for sometimes. And you kind of have to take a step back, because it’ll make you feel a little oozy, you know?

But yeah, it’s amazing and then you get used to it and I… most of the time I walk around with my inner aura just doing that all the time now. I don’t even have to think about it, but my inner aura inside of my shieldings and everything else is doing that thing, you know what I mean? Because honestly it is a circulatory energy effect to it and as long as it’s moving like that it’s coming up through your feet, out to your head spinning around and recollecting at your feet again like that, you can leave your crown chakra open to source and nothing can get in. And do you think the direction of the flow affects in something?

META: The direction of the flow as far as the spin.

Host: Yeah, maybe left to right has some meaning and right to left means something else, or something like that?

META: Yes, uhm… I believe it’s the same same as in exothermic and endothermic reactions. An endothermic reaction produces energy… it gets hotter, right? I believe so? Anyhow if it spins to the right it builds energy, and if it spins to the left it disipates.

Hot: Ok, ok. Cool.

META: Spinning to the left is also the direction if you want to connect to your soul more easily becuase the only way we connect to source is by giving. Being a giving, unconditional loving person, and so as we dissipate the energy, we receive more.

Host: Hmmm.

META: So that’s why when you’re… if you’re trying to connect to source you want your aure to spin counterclockwise.

Host: Ok. That’s great that we can talk about this stuff, I was very excited to do it.

META: Mhm.

Host: So, there’s also a lot of things in that book about all the tools that any magician would want to have, like the wand… I found all that very intriging.

META: Yeah, and they’re very helpful at first: having an object that symbolises the magical element and an arcangel… but they’re not really important as you progress, you know?

In my experience… I mean the only time I’ll use a tool like that is if I’m doing reiki for a friend and getting rid of entities or something like that. Like to identify the entities I’ll use one of my magical tools to aide in that. Salt water is always used when removing entities and if you ened a good lantern or light source preferally… light source. But, you know, that’s not a normal tool you use in ritual, except for maybe a candle, but yeah.
I don’t really use them in ritual anymore because I do most of my rituals just in my head, nowadays.

Host: Wow.

META: Every once in a while I’d tell all the enchantments when I’m driving, and going through the emotions as if I did them. But for the most part is all done in my head this days

Host: And actually that’s a good thing that you mentioned healing, becuase I had some questions about it because after the event healers are gonna be like, high on demand, maybe. So maybe you could give our healers that are listening here in the programme some tips to become better healers.

META: Oh yeah. Well, you know, it’s such an individual thing. I personally don’t think that I’m the best healer in the world. I’m alright at healing others and I’m alright at healing myself, but I’ve met people who have surpassed me by leaps and bounds. So I’m definelty a humble healer… I’ve had a horrible cold earlier last year, probably august.

And it hit me like a ton of bricks. And I mean I looked pale… And one of my very strong earth goddess friends came over and laid hands on me, and I went in convulsions and sweat for like 5 minutes, and it was gone. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Not convulsions, but I was shivering like crazy  that’s what I mean.

And it was just gone, and I was back to being normal, I’ve never seen anything like that to happen in my life. So I know I’ve never be able to do that for someone. I’m great at seeing entity attachments and removing them, but as far as physically healing someone, I haven’t pulled that off yet.

Host: But what do you do, only channel the light? Make use of it somehow?

META: For entity removal?

Host: Oh, for entity removial? I don’t know…

META: That’s more my expertice.

Host: Oh, OK.

META: I’m not super good at healing people. I mean, if I’m healing someone I use a soft pink light, or a golden light. For entities, you have to present them with something they’re interested in at first and then use that to coax them a little bit and then you yank them out. Just like you’d be pulling a tick off someone, or your dog or something.

Host: You have to know what they want so that you can present them with… like a lure.

META: Exactly. And I mean, you can agitate them enough for them to try to pop out. Most of those don’t realize you can see them, I mean I can see them. I see them on people all the time, I just don’t talk about it.

And I can usually identify what types they are on the person, you know what I mean? Sometimes before they even say anything. But there some that are smart and they realize that you can see them, and they would hide inside the body in a way that it’s harder to get at them.

And there’s only two ways to really get them out at that point. One it’s to give them something they think they want more, or agitate them until they jump out at you. And sometimes that’s an energy thing, trying to coax them out, and sometimes it’s the opposite. You’re plasting them with different colors…

[Connection Lost]

META: Are you still there?

Host: Yes, you blast them with colors, and them dissolve them.

META: Yeah, well it depends… there’s certain entities that are attached to certain emotions and so you’re actually projeting a potent version of that emotion at them. One that’s stronger than the one they’re feeling in the person.

Host: OK, because they’re parasites, so you change their focus to other thing that they can feed on.

[Connection Lost]


Host: Hello

META: Can you hear me?

Host: Yeah, what happened?

META: I don’t know… I coulnd’t figure it out.

Host: Well, we’re back, we’re back, we’re back, we’re back! And you know, people are starting to make questions. So, let’s see if I can catch them. Oh! Someone here is asking for recommendations for reading materials.

META: Uhm, you know one of my favourtie books of all times [¿?] there’s one called the crystal sutra that I really liked, Wilhem Reich wrote a lot of useful information, scientific and otherwise about light therapy and orgonite. I definetly recommend getting into those kinds of things… and I ching, books on the I Ching are wonderful books.

I’ve read the kamasutra, I recommend that book… let’s see obviously modern magick, and then… I like it… I’m very eclectic so I’ve liked earth magick my whole life, and I’ve spent a lot of time in books that allow you to summon and speak to faeires and leprechauns and also earth magick as in using herbs, different things of that sort to accomplish your magical desires if you will, you know? [¿?] and Talismans, you know?
I like to imbue my magickal belief systems into objects and any book that leads you into that direction is a great book also.

Host: Ok, thanks. Nice. I didn’t give you a file so as to what topics to talk about, but you said the third nodal point now you can talk about it, and you did share a little bit about that in the beginning. Is there anything else you want to share about that third nodal point.

META: Yes. I think I mentioned it earlier but I just wanted to reiterate that the one of my that returned to my oversoul, he was the last one that I got in contact with.

[Connection Lost]

META: We’re back again.

Host: Ok, I’m using my neighbors Wi-Fi as an emergency now. Becuase my wifi is so bad I can’t connect right now.

META: [inaudible]

Host: What?

META: I said I can’t remember where I was going with that now.

Host: Oh yes, we were in your third nodal point and you said that the version fo you that went up there… what happened?

META: Well bascially when I got in contact with my oversoul, I got to connect with the me that stayed with the lightbeings and that’s when I came to realize what the purpouse of it was for, it’s reference and to protect the central timeline.

The me that was returned was on the central timeline and all the mes that stayed where on [¿?] and all those reference points allowed them to have some sort of measurement of which way the central timeline was going, but also a way to prevent it from fully collapsing and a way to rebuild it. [¿?]

I also know that I’m not the only one… the only time tralveling portal guy that has had experiences in that respect, they’ve done it to a lot of us that are multidimensional enough to have communicating with our multidimensional selves. And they use all these reference points to keep the central timeline [¿?] moving forward in the right ways.
And they use these points of reference along the multidimensional scale to see what doesn’t work and what does work before they ever even have to try it on the central timeline. And so in that respect it really gives us a good safety net.

Host: Is there a reason why you couldn’t disclose this earlier?

META: Oh, why I coulnd’t disclose it earlier?

Host: Mhm.

META: Well becuase… well becuase I was [¿?] exposing the fact that I could [¿?] thourgh portals might tip off the wrong people to go looking for those portals. That’s changed since then, so it doesn’t matter.

Also, I was worried that me divulging the multidimensional aspects of me would allow the Cabal and other groups to try and throw a monkey wrench on that, but since then I received confirmation that I don’t have to worry about that. That there’s plenty of other ones, that I’m not the only one, so that the suits that I’ve placed through the light and the dark portals have been retreived and that there was no way… someone could [¿?] is was supposed to.

Host: But now it’s safe. Then…

META: Those are the two reasons of why I was waiting.

Host: Something has changed for the better.

META: Yeah. That makes sense right?

[Connection Lost]

Host: And we’re back up again, we’re transmitting at 2k kb/s now and I hope we’re not interrupted again.

META: Yeah, it seems like it’s working up pretty good. Sounds a lot better now… but yeah, did you get all that? about why I was able to disclose the third nodal now?

Host: Yes. Thank you. And now people should be wondering what is this first nodal all about.

META: Yeah, and that one is still a mess…. Uhm, in fact I had to go back and readjust it recently, so it’s still not ready for disclosure. I did a test-run to see if it was ready for disclosure and it caused all sorts of problems, I had to go back and put it the way it was before, as I said it in the first place, to protect it.

And so no, it’s not ready yet guys, I’m sorry it’s still too close to home, too sensitive, and it really puts me in the wrong street with the bad guys, so I’m just gonna lay off the first nodal point for [¿?]. Hopefully by mid-March I’ll be able to talk about it. That’s my hope. That’s what I’m aiming for, but until then -until the light network is fully functional- I think it’s best for me to hold up on that one.

Host: Ok, so let’s go back to earth a little bit. We were rather expansive in this interview, talking about metaphysical stuff, but I wanted to check on you guys in the US and what’s your perspective on what’s going on there geopolitically.

META: Oh, geopolitically it’s just a hot mess. Deep state’s in [¿?] and trying to pump down as many false flag tragedies as quickly as posible. It always makes you wonder what you’re missing behind the scenes, you know? They came out with another Russian indictemnt today which has to do with supposed russian trolls. Somehow this is indictible.

I don’t understand how someone in the world voicing their opinion can be considered an indictible offense, but apparently the Deep State has managed to make it an offense

Host: Yeah, what’s that all about Russia, Russia Russia. Like everything it’s Russia, Russia, Russia.

META: Yeah, and the reality is that it’s… I personally think that it’s more of a DNC thing. They did make deals with Russia, and then also on top of that they have a strong narcisistic tendency of always accusing everyone else of doing what they’re doing. So that’s probably a big part of it.Other than that it just feels like they’re grasping at straws, you know what I mean?

And we’ve seen other things too… We’ve seen a ramp up of more attacks in Siria again. We had the Americans attack and kill like 100 Russians of something like that – blowing up a Russian convoy or something ever since Russia’s been invited in by Siria. And I think they killed 100 Sirian soldiers I belive, playing self-defence somehow in a foreign country.

All of that makes no sense of course… Israel sent some planes over there and one of them got shot down. So, I mean…. that’s all going on while oir local national politics is going crazy about more gun laws and being completely blind to the fact that they’re probably false flags. So it’s a big ‘ol mess. It’s a big ‘ol hot mess right now. You know, those who aren’t woken up yet are [¿?] out of it, you know?

I personally have learned for a long period of time after debunking 4 or 5 different flase flag tragedies that anytime [¿?] drill before an actual event is almost definetly a flase flag. Whether or not people actually died is still important to me, but once you realize it’s a flase flag and it was created by a deep stateor shadow government to push a certain agenda it loses a lot of it’s meaning to me.

Uhm… let’s see other than that, you know QAnon pushed the pharmaceutical agenda into the forefront, sent a message to the pharmaceutical controlers I guess, then we had that letter with white powder show up at the white house the day afterwards, a day or two afterwards… So that’s definetly the essage that was sent back to the president on that one and then I think QAnon said that there will be repercusions for that.

And then the most recent thing from QAnon would be the pale horse book from the 1990, I think ’96, talking more about the learning of elders of zion’s agenda and how they plan to progress it in america. And, you know, that’s just stuff that everybody needs to know, those are the signs that we need to know about the things to resist. If you believe QAnon posted all of [¿?] 3 years go, but it’s definetly something that I recommend everybody go through at least once to know what the agenda is and what way are they planning on achieveing it.

Host: Yes, because some of the things that they have planned, well, they’ve mangaged to do like to put up a global spy network and so on, and that get’s people really impatient. Many people on the boards on 4Chan and 8Chan are calling for mass arrests and… I mean… What do you even say to these people, I also want arrests to happen now.

META: Well I expect mass arrests to happen very soon and it seems like from the perspective from the people I’m listening there are going to be arrests to happen whether or not that’s everyone or politically motivated just half of the bad guys… we won’t know until it happens. And we’ve seen resignations and people getting in serious trouble for sexual misconduct and so on, from both sides of the aisle lately. Whether or not that’s the most [¿?] in itself or not, I don’t know… you know what I mean? Or if it’s truly intended to quote-on-quote “drain the swamp”, we’ll see.

I have to say that I think that they might be (there might be, and I can’t say for sure until it happens) doing a great job at draining the swamp, but I have to say I’m rather not impressed by certain things about Trump also. The zionist lackey side of Trump is not very appealing for me for sure, he definetly has a hard on for Israel, and we all know how evil Israel can be.

Not that I’m anti-semitic, I love jewish people. I have taught jewish children across the country for months. Definetly love jewish families, I’ve been to bar-mitzvahs and bat-mitzvahs, but I really don’t like zionists.

Host: Yeah, me neither. I’m actually jewish too.

META: Yeah, and I mean, I love jewish people but I don’t like anybody that thinks they’re superior to everyone else becuase of their… becuase they believe in a certain god, you know? [inaduble]

Even in religion. And that’s the belief that leads to a lot of this destruction that we see. It’s that one group believes they’re superior to another group and therefore they can treat them like animals and get these types of human rights violations.

Host: Yeah that’s definetly a lot of Cabal influence and a lot of Jesuit influence in Israel. And actually one of our listeners is asking if you can confirm somehow the jesuit or illuminati role and the Cabal manipulation.

META: Well, I personally believe that the original money manipulation came from the old Babylonian money management, money magic system. It was a very long time ago. Mt. Zion stuff. Back when the original elders of zion wrote the original text. That’s how far back it goes.

Now, as far as that goes, I have to say that it was probably implemented by negative ancient alien races and hot to them, and then they ran with it. And it has been probably overseen by negative alien races ever since.

Now, I’m one of those people who thinks that there’s more than just two factions. I mean, there have to at least be 3 factions: you have your jesuits, you’ve got the Cabal, you’ve got the khazarians and if you’re one of those people that believes in it you have the Illuminati also. So there’s three to four factions [inaudible] organized crime. And the negative dragon factions and everything else.

So as far as it goes I don’t know which is… I coulnd’t tell you right now who’s fighting who. The best part is is that they’re more focused on each other than they are on us, it seems. Literally for the last month and a half they’ve been more focused on each other and just recently one of them decided it was time to start dropping some more false flags according to the zionist agenda, you know?

So I guess that means that these jesuits and the zinoist have decided to kind of make some peace and work together. Honestly the pace they’re moving, it shows that they’re almost out of time. You just look at how many they’re hahving to push so quickly. They expected to have 30-40 years before this was going to happen, and it’s not turning out to be that way. It’s turning out to be sooner thatn they thought.

Host: Yeah, no. It feels like the [¿?] is right around the corner, but I think one of the problems is that they believe that they have to be completely anihilated before coming back from the ashes…. Well I think that’s a theory that David Wilcock had, that they had to be defeated in order for them to triumph

META: And there’s different ways to looking at that that’s their prophecy there right? But the reality… they have this weird, like the prophecies created by your perception of it, and it’s self fulfilling – but they still believe in it, you know? ANd I believe that’s the khazarian side that believes that. That they have to be defeated, isn’t that the kazarian side that believes that?

Host: Maybe because it’s written in the bible or something, so it could be them.

META: It could be them, but again the Jesuits also wrote the bible pretty extensively. But I don’t know if the jesuits hold themselves at all to this books, I think they considered to be above these religious books.

I don’t think that… I think that’s a safegard for them more than anything… that “Oh even if we’re defeated we’ll rise from the ashes”, you know? It’s a good all prophecy that says taht they can be brought back from the dead, you know? That they’ll survive even if they’re crushed.

Whether or not that’s true, they’re probably preparing for it.

Host: Yeah, and on that note, I heard a good question from David Wilcock to another SSP insider, and I thought I might ask that to you: What do you think is the Cabal’s weakness? What are their weaknesses?

META: Well, their weakness is everybody waking up, and unifying against them. That’s their weakness, that’s why we keep getting this divisive things happening. It’s why they keep throwing these school shootings and divisive stories and all of these in the mix all the time. The LBGQT stuff and, you know, all of this is divisive politics meant to keep us separated, keep us in little boxes.

Facebook has changed their algorithm recently to what they like to call the happy [¿?] algorithm. Which means that we have none on our feed that disagrees with us for the most part. And that’s meant to keep us shielded and separated and not waking each other up. But yeah, that’s their biggest weakness: all of us coming together and standing up for our rights and not falling for these agendas that they’re using to eventually try to take away all of our freedoms.

Host: Ok. Now, the same reader from last question is asking if you have physical evidence to prove the SSP experience.

META: I do not. Only the images in my mind. If I could make you a video with the images in my mind I’d make one but… other than that I don’t have anything.

Host: Ok. It’s ok. Yeah, I mean at some point, I bet there’s someone who’s gonna come up with something, you know? Because disclosure has to also bring some proof to everyone, we’re not just gonna believe stuff like that, there has to be evidence at some point.

META: There will have to be evidence and I think you’ll probably see most of that evidence occur after the Event, unfortunatly. They just don’t want it getting out before of time. And you even see it in things like, what was that? patient 16 someting on that with the guy who had an implant taken out of his leg and the guy who took it out of his leg disappeared and the implant disappeared, you know?

And I mean they have the implant on video. They have the implant on video being taken out of his leg. Well the implant disappeared and so did the guy who was testing it, you know… after running tests on it they proved that it was definetly not just a stuff of metal. That it had many complex [¿?] and they disappeard.

There was some guy… I was watching a recent Corey Goode-David Wilcock show that they were interviewing there that had these little disks that just held terabytes and terabytes and terabytes of information. And he had a couple.

I have to say that they’re pretty much on top of that stuff. Well, I mean there’s even some things that have hit the mainstream media, like the metal that they recovered that reforms to it’s original shape over and over again. Like that’s on mainstream media. Why don’t they take it out and show it to people.

And I mean I’d be heart pressed to just [¿?] but I can tell there have been example of mild disclosure out there. Like the special they did on cloning from pigs bladder back in 2000’s, late ’90s, where they used pig bladder… the scientists [¿?] and regoup his finger that he had cut off with a remote control helicopter.

And I mean that was in the early 2000’s, late 90’s. Are we supposed to assume that that didn’t progress at all since then? That’s like discovery channel stuff, you know? That’s not even on the disclosure circuit like what we’re doing. Even in the show they said “Oh well, we’re going to have to stop here becuase this raises some moral questions”
And they everyone was like “Yes, I guess it would!”… I mean, they’re telling you that they can clone whole people… moral questions, yeah, you mean clone a whole person? Yeah, that’s the moral question. Do you own the person you clone, or is that clone an autonomous being? So on and so forth.

Host: We might need some time to adjust to all these new tecnologies that are coming.

META: Yeah, I just think that we should go… I mean honestly there’s certain technologies that we should black book. I’ve seen a lot of very dark technologies working for Dark Fleet. There’s things I don’t even want to put into the public arena because of how gross and dark they are.

But yeah, there’s certain technologies… like, I don’t think we should be cloning people. I think it’s a very disruptive, messy business. I mean, maybe if you… the way activated carbon is where you can make a clone and transfer your soul into that body – if you just want to leave your old body behind.

Maybe that is as close to what you can get to a moral version of cloning, but even then, like in that show for example there’s so many things that happen even with that model. People who lose their bodies getting put into any available human being, you know? Just all sorts of stuff can occur. And they’re completely unfair and unjust to people.

And I mean that’s one of the things that could happen with the advancement of these technologies is knowing that you can transfer yourself into a cloned body, you can transfer your soul into a cloned body… And where do you go from there? What is your identity anymore? A lot of moral questios.

Host: And that also raises a lot of questions about the legal processing of the Cabal, and all the negative ones beause the things that they’ve done are so terrible and the…. well they’ve broken many laws in the planet and galactic laws. We might not even prescense a civilan trial for these people, they might just go to the central sun directly.

META: Well, if these Trump-draining-the-swamp occurs, if we get a MAGA situation where many do get arrested then I’m guessing that they’re probably be a military type of court for more the international offence type of situation. And I have to think that it… Donald Trump will have to probably tell us about it at some point. So, if that occurs we’re probably see some time of run through on the planet before we even get to the point that they’ll be [¿?] and given their choice.

If it doens’t happen it’s kind of like Cobra said, the arrest either will or will not happen, you know what I mean? It’s too much up in the air to tell yo what’s going on. Recent false flags is either, you know? to stay in a death row or try to bargain for its freedom because they coulnd’t make a deal, you know?

Host: I was wondering what that might mean, that the Cabal arrests might or might not happen, that was rather cryptic.

META: Yeah, I think what that means is, well, they’re in the middle of this struggle, and only one of them has a nerve and whoever ends up getting stabbed, you know what I mean? I mean honestly the POTUS situation and Q in the same page to a certain degree… and they seem tyring to drain the swamp, if they manage to pull that off then people will get arrested. And if they don’t manage to pull that off then very few will get arrested, and will be the one’s who’re trying to drain the swamp.

And so I mean that’s pretty much what we’re looking at right now, who’s gonna win. It’s just that the whole [¿?] to collect them all it needs to set up.

Host: Now, I didn’t want to talk about this actually, but people are continuing to make the question, they’re asking, a few times they’ve asked, becuase there are rumors around that there’s not going to be any event, that there’s ony going to be nesara but that’s it.
And people are asking if the event will happen, so could you just please confirm that the event will happen.

META: Yeah, the event’s gonna happen. And we have a really big chance for it to happen through March. It’s definetly a very exciting time if we work, do everything just right, it can happen. And a lot of that… here’s something people don’t realize about the meditations: One of the reasons why exterior forces like the Dracs and other negative entities hav is becuase we have a very specific gene set that a lot of different species want. And within this specific gene set is what it’s called the meta gene.

The meta gene allows us to recreate reality with our minds. Now that’s not very powerful at all when there’s just one of us, but when there are let’s say 144,000 of us all focused on the same meditative goal, it can really change the world. We ahve the ability to do that. And that’s why we are sought after and none wants to kill us, you know what I mean? None wants to destroy our society, and we’re sought after.

If we realize together as a populace, that we actually have that power to change reality through a mass meditation and we all focus on doing it we we’ll see the coming of the event a lot faster. And it will change the events aroud the world in ways that we couldnt even fathom after after it had occur.

Host: Wow. OK, cool. that’s a great way to finish the interview, I wanted to finish on a high note and I think that’s a great way to do it. Yes, we need to focus on the meditation and keep our eyes on the goal.

META: Right. Don’t let the disinformation [¿?], stay focused on the goal. Exactly.

2 thoughts on “Final Interview with SSP Insider META: The Great Awakening

  1. Hi Good day and thank you for this amazingly wonderful information!
    I have a question… Meta says 1 of 5 ppl have served one way or the other some SSP… is this related to blood types, especifically to RH- types? What can he elaborate on this subject if he may?
    Mhetta for all and source bliss as well.


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