Sonidos de Liberación: Daft Punk — Contact

(Adoninas) Esta canción incluye un interesante audio grabado de la misión Apollo 17, cortesía de la NASA y del Capitán Eugene Cernan. Puedes escuchar el resto de la lista de reproducción, Sonidos de Liberación, aquí.

Daft Punk — Contact


Video en Youtube


“Hey Bob I’m looking at what Jack was talking about and it’s definitely not a particle that’s nearby. It is a bright object and it’s obviously rotating because it’s flashing, it’s way out in the distance, certainly rotating in a very rhythmic fashion because the flashes come around almost on time. As we look back at the earth it’s up at about 11 o’clock, about maybe ten or twelve diame…Earth diameters. I don’t know whether that does you any good, but there’s something out there.”


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