Fourth interview with SSP insider META: A double agent for the light

(Adoninas) We finally have the highly anticipated interview with META with a live spanish translation. Note that it is a very loose translation, and only a summary of everything that was shared. You’ll be able to see the full transcript in both English and Spanish very soon 😉

You can save the audio file directly to your computer, or listen to it on-line below. You can also find the live transmission on our YouTube cannel.




META: Hello?

Host: Hello META, how are you?

META: I’m doing pretty good. Long day, but I’m doing good.

Host: OK, sorry for the delay. We had some trouble connecting but here we are once again. This time is our fourth interview with META. And well I think it is a very special one because asked you for two interviews this week because I was feeling and seeing and noticing a lot of movement a lot of things and I fet guided to ask for two interviews…
This will be the first one with a spanish translation in this blog but it’s nice to have you here once again, so thank you very much.

META: Thank you. I’m very happy to be here. And I’m excited I spend a lot of time in the last couple of days doing a lot of work. It started out being just recharge and then it turned out to be that… [so much] that it was time to get back out there and I just haven’t stopped moving since.
So much has been acomplished in the last few days and it’s been a challenge to allow all the energy to flow through me in the right ways. It’s been so much of it, the energy levels are much higher than I have experienced in the planet in a long time and it makes for quite a challenge, you know? It’s like a level 5 rapids type of ride sometimes out there, during the work.

Host: And well I was listening to our previous interviews, and I was listening to the second interview and, you know, I was shocked by the end of that interview… cause we were talking about the extent of the SSP and all the ways that we were connected to the SSP maybe without even knowing it. And it’s only now after like a week or so that I really realized the extent of the SSP.
So I just wanted to dig a little deeper on that META.

META: Oh definetly. Well if you look at it as a percentage, I’d say that on average we have about 20% of the human populace that’s been involved in the SSP or with different alien groups, positive and negative. And it is a very extensive subject that spans both consented and non-consented experiences on both sides of the aisle.
In addition to us doing work, dreamwork and also physical work in different space programs and aliens. It goes so deep as to be a part of many clandestine proyects some of us don’t even realize through abductions to mind wipings to things like that…
blank slated for long periods of time, uhm… and even something that happens in the SSP areas a lot when we have been taken off planet and used is that some of the operatives can be taken back, portaled out anytime in their lives, be used for something for a period of time and brought back and blank slated again.
And that happened to a lot of the people who have been off planet. And so there are a lot of things like that that have occur and for some still occur. Those of us who have become wise and wary to it have developed some systems by which it can’t occur anymore.
One aspect of that is what we call the alters. A lot of people have been emotionally broken in a way that their consiousness is separated in different groups, in different personalities if you will. And they use certain triggers to kind of ignite one of those personalioties whenever they’re abducted they’re transfered into a second body that is specifically cloned and set up with muscle memory for what their missions will be.
They finish those missions, they’re blank slated and placed back in their physical body and return, time-dilated. So… I mean things like that still happen to people.
You’ll find that even if somebody is willing to speak about their experiences sometimes it can get complicated because if you’re remembering events that have occured in the last, let’s say 5 years it can get a little tangled up. But that’s another good example of how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Host: Yeah, and I came to this realization because you talked extensively about the Dark Fleet, but this is just one program of many programs and one little faction. And the actual size of it must be huge, I mean to even create an intergalactic infrastructure… it takes a lot of effort.
For example there should be people looking for materials here on earth, digging materials up and they’d have no idea that they’re going to be used in the SSP, correct?

META: Correct, and then there’s those in factories who work with classified materials that they’re making. They think they’re for missiles and other planes and things like that, but they’re actually materials for the Secret Space Program. Some of these things occur in DUMB bases also.
In certain facilities there… So there’s… it’s an extensive program that spans the entire earth as far as the productio of different materials that are used for the Secret Space Program in addition to the normal human trafficking trade and utilization of the planet, which is extensive also.

Host: I was wondering if you had some kind of data. for example a percetage of people that have been taken off planet.

META: As long as the percetange of people who have been taken off planet, or used in some kind of clandestine system with the different negative alien factions, I’d say is about 20% of the populace. And they’ve been used in one way of another, either for DNA trade, programming and cloning and so on. You’re looking to one good 20% of the population.

Host: But off planet? Taken off planet?

META: Well, I mean, into a spaceship in the sky… You have to understand that once you have been accepted into that and portions of your soul have taken, fragments of your soul and your DNA are used that it’s pretty much the same as going off planet as far as I’m concerned.
You’ll feel that you have been off planet, even if your physical body has not. And you’ll see that a lot in people who are disclosing their experiences.

Host: How did you call the process by which the personalities [were split]? Alters?

META: Yeah, the alters. It’s usually a dark process. I was raised in a different program that didn’t do that to me during my service, but after my return to earth, after my 20 years of service it was done to me extensively in the abductions at that point.
The plan was to reporpouse me and use me as all sorts of different things by breaking me in the age of five. But it turned more in trying to prevent me from remembering and I just did not respond to the types of torture that they gave me the way they wanted me to. It didn’t…
One of my first memories of one of my first abductions was this invasive sexualization/pain combination of these tools that they were using on me and all that I coulud do was just laugh uncontrolably. And the reptilians were very upset about this, so they were not able to effectively break me at that point.
I think goes back to my experiences of the SSP and other people getting harmed. And it was used as the control mechanism for me. And I always secretly in a dark way kind of wished that it was just me instead. So when I returned, everytime they tried and break me like that, I’d start laughing uncontrolably in a gitty way. And it just wasn’t a negative emotion for me for some reason, and it brought back more memories.
So anytime they tried and break me, all my memories would start coming back and then they would have to spend all that time erasing my memories again and the cicle would continue. They couldn’t break me the way they did to other people because of that.

Host: Well, this takes us to the next point, because the SSP is now becoming public. So it’s not a secret at all. And I wanted to ask you, what does disclosure mean?

META: Well, full diclosure means that all the dark things they did have to be released to the public. Everyone must know every crime they commited. And until that happens we’re looking at false disclosure.
We get this dreamy idea that a lot of the politicians and a lot of other people want to push, this wonderful perfect space society that we created. It’s just not gonna fly, becuase it lets all of the elites off without any punishment for all of their extremely horrible actions.
It’s rough, but we have to disclose it all, it must be known. There has to be healing to come from it. If there isn’t healing that comes from that then it’s not going to work.
Second off we’re looking at a huge amount of hidden technology. Technology that can change our entire experience on the planet and off the planet. Star trek-like technologies and time travel technologies… Any technology you can possibly fathom is out there.
Many of those technologies are completely morally corrupt, but they’re are there and they need to be disclosed, even though we’ve decided that they shouldn’t be used.
I mean, I’m talking about as long as the cloning areas go and all of that. There’s a lot of extremely dark non-moral issues in there. And it needs to be disclose. ALL of it.
In addition to that, we really need to establish a connection between the populace on the planet and the experiences. We need to give everyone the opportunity to experience a positive understanding of what it is to be a space bearing populace.
Open up the ability to travel. Open up the bases. Clear out the negative portions of the bases and open them. Things like that. That’s where disclosure need to go.
It doesn’t need to be a pick-your-own-adventure type of thing. It needs to be disclosed to the entire populace. And there’s going to be a portion of time that is going to be all about healing, and having… those who created all the harm be punished, be given their decision to be towards the light or be recylced.
I mean that has to occur in the beginning, after disclosure has occured. Same time I would expect a lot of more positive shpould be ramped up extensively. And we would want to move in that area more towards a meritocracy instead of a capitalistic model in that everyone should receive abundance and have all of the things that it takes to be happy in this life.
And you can receive extra by working hard. The meritocray part of it. But everyone should receive everything it takes to progress in this world without having some type of capitalistic society where it’s all about competition and dog-eat-dog.

Host: OK, so why is it important? Why is disclosure important?

META: Well without it we can0t progress we reamain in a master-slave relation with the controlling elite. There is no… we have a sovereing choice in our live that it’s not allowed by the controlling system. It keeps us at a very low level energy wise. It keeps us at a very low level in participate in their society.
We’re not allowed to do anything but work and work and work and work just to eat. Just to have electricity. Just to have water. And if we’re lucky enough to have a job that is not absed on merit but based on who you know, then we will have the ability to communicate the way I’m communicating right now with you.
But, it shoulnd’t be that hard. All of that should be granted to the entire populace without all the slavery constraints that we see now.

Host: So another question was what will disclosure lead to? I think you answered that question partly. One is a free society, and a very technologically advanced society. But what else could we find in the near future.

META: Well I think we’re going to… In the near future? Oh gosh I think it’s going to take a little while for all to change some people will be more willing to change than others and you’ll notice that they’ll start to create their own communities more and more… Especially after the event.
But you’re looking more at a resource based economy and a meritocracy, as far as you are capable of… the more you are capable of, the more oportunities you will have, as opposed to the system we have now which is who do you know and are you willing to follow the laws that are obviously against most of the populace.
If you follow those laws then you receive a lot of compensation. I think the biggest change in the near future is going to be how to deal with the resources on the planet. And for the longest time our fiat currency has been used to circumvent the true value of resources.
And we’re already seeing the extension of [¿?] which is based on a resource as far as the currency goes and that really will change the paradigm. And we see more and more countries struggling to reach for a true resource based currency, which is the first step to move into a resource based economy.
As long as you have a ficticious currency you can print as much as you want, you can overpower any resource, you can use war and destruction to decrease to value of a resource while stealing it. And that can be used later in the advantage of a negative controlling group.
But you’ll see that that will change the more we move forward into this new world. A resource based economy based on a currency that is backed by resources is the first step.

Host: We’re talking about all these SSP experiences because there’s not only bad guys stealing resources, controlling other people. There’s a very powerful force manifesting as we speak night, working day and night to liberate this planet, and help us in the transition, in this very important transition.
So I wanted to speak a little bit about the good guys and all the help that we are receiving, that all the population is receiving from the good guys. So could you please talk a little bit about it?

META: Yes, I’ve been doing extensive work the last couple of days and I wanted to speak about this specific subject. The light network is coming along swimmingly. It is extremely potent light, very powerful. To be a conduit to it was a challenge. It’s more light flowing through me continously to what I’m used to in the past. It’s definetly step up to the next level.
I expected my healing process for all I did in Venezuela and Europe to last up until this interview, and it was done within 3 horus. And it was a little bit of a challenge because I wasn’t ready to go again so fast. And then it was straight back to work.
The light network is getting easier and easier and easier to build. A lot of people did start participating, and because we have more people and more people participating they started giving me other jobs to do, other missions to accomplish.
And we have these light buoys the buoys made of a physical substance of light. And I was porting in in specific places throughout the world. And they were kind of meant for those of us who are working on the light grid to recharge or heal, and also as a foundation a grounding place for the light on the surface of the planet.
And laying those down was extremely effective. It also served as a buoys or guides. Stations for those who have been through thourhg what I’ve been through, who are getting close to disclosing what they’ve been through and the information they have to share with us.
And towards the end of my work today, probably aroud 5 o’clock today, I sat in a kind of a way station between 4D and the angelic realms where I was already meeting a group of people who were ready to disclose, who were kind of gathering and talking about their own experiences, and it was a very interesting experience for me… it kinda felt like a house party if you will.
But these people who were ready to disclose, you could see them in their different state, like, they would shift in between who they are now, who they were in the SSPs and who they were in the beginning. So they would expand and rectract greatly in age and experience when they would share different pasrts of their stories. And it was a very intriging way for the lightforces to set up a meet-and-greet.
Becuase you might be talking about something that happened to you when you were eight. But normally when you do that you’re still in your own physical body, everyone has trouble understanding, but the person would retract back to being eight ot explain that part. And then when they would go to explain what they did in the SSP they would expand back into a body that they were during that time.
So it was a very deep experience in many ways.

Host: And I wanted to share with you META, now that you’re talking about these new SSP insiders coming forward, at least in the angelic realms, that we have someone from the SSP also in the chat now that I’ve invited no too long ago, she actually answered very quickly and she’s also remembering her memories, it’s very exciting. I just wanted to share that with you META.

META: That’s exciting yes. I can’t wait to hear from her. This is a very exciting time for me. To start it come to fruition in the physical world. As we know what happens in the angelic realms and in 4D is coming to the physical realms quicker and quicker at this time. And I just can’t wait to see it all happen.

Host: OK, so our channel is open now. We are open to calls via Skype, I mean, I’m not sure how this works actually, but I mean, we gave her our email, and we also invited another person who is starting to remember his experiences in the SSP and he also has our email so he can contact us anytime he wants just as her. So now we have two super-soldiers who are witing on… they have receinve the invitation and it’s their choice now, you know?

META: Yes. And those who are beginning, the rest of us who are a little bit farther along in our journey would be able to find certain way to retreive your memories… I have certain ways and I know that certain people who have progressed further have their certain ways. You’ll be looking at a spectrum of ways to retreive their memories.
And that’s very important for those who are starting to wake up to what they’ve been through. You need to have multiple avenues to explore your experience. You need to have multiple avenues to receive healing. And to receive support from your higher power and your star family and the angelic realms and so on.
And I think the ore people we have the more perspectives we have in that area too.

Host: So do you have some message or some words that you want to share to your fellow SSP experiencers?

META: Yes. I think is important that everyone who is an SSP experiencer be brave now and be ready to share their truth. One of my greatest retractros, something that ketp me for so long was that I felt no one would believe me and that I’d just be ridiculed because so much of it was so far beyond persective to what we live with on the planet that it would be considered sensationalized and just not true.
And you have to realize that… I mean this interviews have been a very safe space to me. It’s felt quite amazing in the way that I’m able to share the information and not have debuggers and nay sayers always chiming in to squash the message.

Host: Yeah, I feel you. I think it’s a good idea, I don’t know if you agree with me, but making a group, some kind of support group -it doesn’t have to be a Facebook group, it can be any kind of group- just to start creating really a support group where all SSP insiders can come forward ina safe space where we can share our experiences… I don’t know… what are your thought on that.

META: Yeah, I found that some of the Facebook groups to be very effective in that manner. Also I have… I’ve found that there are a couple of scientific groups related to exopolitics that do a very good job at recording your experience. But I have to say that the best experience that I have with having a communion with other SSP people has been in Facebook groups at this time.
We get a chance to really share what we’ve been through. Offering different avenues for healing and opening up, and finding the lost memories inside of you and around you… And that’s what those of us who have been thourgh it all yearn for. We want to be whole again.
Many of them have a lot of their alters produced… That’s one thing I’ve been really good at, it’s reabsorb any alter that they try to push into me or break away from me. Those are extremely important issues that have to be adress for a lot of the SSP and disclosure groups that have experienced trauma.

Host: So as an SSP insider, META, do you have a message for all of those who are watching…

META: Oh… well I mean I think that sometimes it’s just best to get out there and say what you need to say. I know it’s not easy at first. I know sometimes you have worries or misgivings, or think that you are not ready yet. You think that you don’t have your story put together well enough to be able to explain it to pepole in words.
A lot of it comes from what we’ve been through… some of the best medicine is sharing your experience with others. We do it much harder for ourselves when we internalize it, and we try to hide it. When we get it out and share it with everyone we foud that there are a lot more people willing to participate in the experience helped us move in the right direction, offer us advice from their own experiences, they can guide us in the right direction.
And we make it a lot ahrder on ourselves when we keep it all inside. It makes it a lot more challenging to move forward if we don’t share it.

Host: And I wanted to ask you here about the healing that these insiders receive from the angelic realms and their spiritual guides, because it’s a lot of help that we’re getting from those planes in actually remembering this. Can you please share a little bit with us? How is that?

META: Well, the key to it is that our benevolent star families and the angelic realms, the ascended masters… You have to ask for their help. They will be helping a little bit all the time even if you do not ask, but if you ask for their help the amount of help you receive multiplies exponentially.
The things I did in particular for my own healing where ask my star familiy and certain ascended masters and the archangels to help cleanse my soul fragments that were being returned to me. And my star family did help me to remove the implants that were inside of me. And I specifically asked that I be wake and conscious for all of it. And I was.
And for me it was a very unifying experience. To be in an astral body looking down at my body, seeing this 4D entities an angelic being all in the same room there participating, helping me being whole again. It was probably one of the most amazing and encouraging things that I’ve ever experienced in my life.
Certain times when they would pull out etheric implants I would be pulled in more into my body again and I would experience a mild feeling. When it was removed it would release certain emotions and certain experiences that have been blockaded by those specific implants.
A lot of the healing comes from a conscent that you’re going to allow the benevolent star family, ascended masters and so on to help you.

Host: And that relates a little bit to the audio that we had lost the last interview because you were describing some sort of mechanism in which you saw the experiences maybe like in a black and white TV show. I actually didn’t get that audio… Can you speak about that separation of emotions and… actually I didn’t know what you were talking about because we lost the audio, so can you just please go about it again.

META: A lot of the negative emotions from some of the traumatic experiences that we received from the SSPs and the abductions after I returned were lessened. They were decreased in a way that I could see them for what they were, but the extreme pain and emotional distress and palpitations and the things that come from remembering them were removed. It’s almost like watching them in a black and white show in an old school television.
The palpable emotions were lessened to the point that I could experience it without being emotionally harmed. And I think that in a way it allowed me to talk about it and also helped other with it, and probably most importantly, to absorb them into who I am without breaking me, without hurting me anymore.
And that happened during the healing process after my awakening and I began to ask for help. You’ll notice that this is an extremely important part. Just asking one higher power for help isn’t always as effective as asking a bunch: asking your star familiy your ascended masters, the angelic realms, your higher power. All of these things together, working as a team, is what did it for me.

Host: OK. So we’re starting to have questions from the audience. And… well first of all many of them are thanking you for all your work, for all the service that you do, so thank you.

META: Mhm, thank you. For giving me the oportunity and the plataform to talk about it.

Host: Then Sheryl Cameron asks: “Help to get rid of a reptilian parasite”. She asks for help.

META: Yes, there are several different ways the reptilians will harm us in that respect. And I have to say that you can mistake some of this plasmoid entities as reptilians.
The plasmoid entities like the djin and other things like that have a tendency to shape shift. And they like to take on the form of something else to hide what they really are. So that could be what’s going on there.
But also, how do you get rid of them? First off all you have to manifest some sort of metaphysical shield that you’re going to use on a daily basis. And the easiest one to use is the pleadian shield, you can look it up. I think Cobra’s talked about it, and just asking for the pleadian shield is enough to start that one.
The one that I’ve always used since the beginning is called the LBRP, which is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. The one I use is a ritual that invokes que four archangels in the fourth cardinal directions next to them, and a sphere aroud you, and then you pull that sphere to your heart and once the heart receive the symbol that you’ve imagine will start replicating it, pulsing it around you all the time. So I definetly recommend the LBRP.
More scientifically there are ways that you can identify what is actually harming you.I used to use LED christmas lights with the spectrum of all the colours of the rainbow, LEDs. And I would stay away some nights and try to catch them sneaking in, becuase they like to come in while you’re asleep to feed on you, mess with your dreams.
And if you catch them at that time they’ll almost look like a white whispy, or colored whispy figure and many times when they tend to be plasmoid entity and not an actual reptilian.
The reptilians, although they do also do that, they only focus on you for a short period of time before they move along. The plasmoids are the ones who hang around and feed on you for long periods of time.

Host: Sorry, go on

META: So, yeah, and so Identifying the entities is kind of important. A lot of times, for example the Djin, the were elementals that lost their way, that lost their element and they were captured and tortured by humans and over long periods of time learnt to feed off of human negative emotions instead of their original elemental energies. And in that respect they kind of go around causing anger and anguish to feed off of.
THey’re firly easily banished once you know they’re their. If you continue to receive issues from them, what I’ve done in the past was to form kind of an alliance with the cristalline entities. You can reach them by meditation alone. And pass them off to the cristalline entities. Cristalline entities consider them kind of like pets, and normally would take them back to their own dimensions with them so that they can just be removed from the plane.
Nowadays with the coming of the light network this is changing a lot faster. The work I did with thte light boeys and stuff could not have been done six months ago, with the amout of plasmoids that we had on the planet, and the yaldabaoth entity, but now it is possible. SO there’s a lot of things that are changing right now as we speak that’ll make t easier and easier and easier as time goes by.

Host: And I wanted to talk also about this plasma being, becuase many things seem to come out from this plasma, and I wanted to understand a little bit more about it, becuase we’ve probably seen it being names by differerent names, and I don’t know if you agree but the black goo that you describe in our last interview, it souds to me very similar, or as if it were a physical maniestation of the so called promary anomaly, or contingency.
Do you think the black goo is some kind of anomalous plasma?

META: Well, if I were to guess I’d say is some kind of artificial intelligence that had a bunch of nanobots, it was like a giant conglomeration of nanobots. But I’d have to say that it was definetly a manifestation of the yaldabaoth entity that was produced in a way that could enter the 3D world, so yes I agree with you.

Host: More questions are coming up in the chat now, and I sent you through the chat in Skype, I don’t know if you could see two pictures that I sent you.

META: OK, how do I get that, I have to get to the chat… Let’s see here ok. I have a picture of a pyramid that is upside down, and there’s also obelisks on it.

Host: Mhmh, and the second picture is like little… well like a surface that is not flat, but it has some sort of texture. So the bottom is just the texture.

META: Kind of like little roudned tentacles the way across the bottom of it.

Host: And one of our listener wanted to know if you’ve seen something similar to this.

META: Uhm… the pillars weren’t pointed, they were obelisk like. They had a flat top. Like you could set something on it. And instead of a pyramid in the center I saw that egg shaped brass, or vase that had goo in it.
As long as the bumpy things on the bottom, that was only on the center pillar that held the vase. That wasn’t all over the floor as far as I could tell. Maybe that was part of the ritual or something, like maybe that bumpy stuff was spreading all away to were each person stood in a pillar… I don’t know I didn’t witness that part.
And I mean I have to say that’s probably different for someone else, not to disredit you, but that’s what I saw.

Host: Another listeners asks us: “When are we going to see replicators?”

META: Oh gosh. Soon after the event I’d hope. That’s gonna be probably one of the pieces of technologies that we we’ll see, it’s replicators. After the event. And if it happens before the Event I’m happy for that too, as soon as they’re ready to roll that out it needs to happen.

Host: Well I can’t wait either, for a replicator. Now, there’s more questions about latin america, for example Mauricio asks us: “Do you know if there are bases of reptilian and grey beings in South America?” We answered that last week, but what’s the answer?

META: Uhm, there are definetly reptilian bases. As far as greys… I have to say that they’re probably just subservient to the reptilians. So if you see them they might have their own enclaves but they’re pretty munch subservient of the reptilians down there… I have to guess that you wouldn’t see very many benevolent grays right there because there’s a lot of reptilians who don’t seem to care about the sufrace populace that much. That’s my answer to that one.

Host: Ok. thank you again. OK…. Oh nice question here by Jose Ignacio, he asks: “META can you talk a little about free energy principles and how mainstream physics are wrong?”.

META: Yes, uhm… and I have theories on this, keep in mind that I’m not a scientist in that respect, so don’t expect me to be completely accurate. But for example, we’ve known for a long time that if you place a large antenna in the sky and ground it into the earth deep enough, you can collect energy off the center of this antenna whenever you want because there’s a difference in pressure and connectivity and friction and everything else… and we still don’t use that energy today.
A lot of times, when it comes to entropy what I think the reality is not more so that entropy is finite as it is… It’s definetly possibly to create a system that will last multiple generations… 3 to five is a good start guys. We still use electric motors with brushes in them. We create needless entropy. An electrical engine that had no air friction, for example, that was in a vaccum would operate for a much longer period of time than one that does. And engine that is operating in the atmosphere is going to corrode over time.
It’s going to have an electromagnetic reaction with the air. This are simple things that we should have done a very long time ago to decrease entropy, but because it woulnd’t make a capitalistic society any money to have an engine that runs for 5 generations… that’s the big problem and the paradigm that we have right now, is that competition is destroying us. We’re feeding off each other instead of working together.

Host: Yeah I was telling them we woulnd’t make any money from free energy, that’s why we don’t have it.

META: Exactly. And I mean, you see that across every market. It’s the concept that it’s called planned obsolecence, where a company will purposefully make it so that certain areas will break down or become inefficient, or… like what sometimes companies have done is purposelly filling up the amount of storage space you have in your phone to slow down you’re phone and make it imposible to continue to use so that you must buy a new one.
They literally have planned obsolecence to the point that they can flip a switch and it’ll break, in the most advanced pieces of equipment. And this is the same old vampiric system that we’ve lived in for so long. It has nothing to do with the progression or advancement of the species but to feed of the species.

Host: OK, now this is a question from another listener, and it says: “When in the program you said the suits enhanced your abilities, but were you still able to do anything without the suit? Or how limited were you without the suit?”.

META: I almost never was without the suit. There were times much later in my career where the light beings, when I would visit, would make me take off the suit, and I felt very much like I did… like a normal person. I had abilities, but they were not… I could not create portals, or go light-body, or any of those things without the suit. I had exceptional telepathic and empathic abilities, uhm… I had… on the light ship I could make objects move with my mind albit they were objects of much lighter substance, you know?
I could make it float through the room like a helium balloon or something. But they were not as pronounced. Not even close.

Host: OK, thank you. Now, I think this will be the last question from the listeners, it says: “Hi, please ask about the med beds.” Have you heard about some new med beds that should be coming out soon, something like that.

META: Yes they used the med beds for the soldiers mostly. They also had this tanks that they would put people in to regenerate them or suspend them while they did other DNA work, muscle memory work, things like that.
And it was a specific way that they would program your muscles when they went into the tanks. They would do certain work in your major muscles and nerves and [¿?] specifically different. But the actual med beds where used when you were missing a limb or, you know, things like that. When you were wounded in battle primarily.
There would be some things where if they wanted to keep the body and it was a [¿?] punctured wound or something they might use the tanmks instead of the med beds for that. But if you were loosing a limb you were going to the med bed.

Host: Do you think these things are going to be disclosed anytime soon?

META: Yeah I have to assume they are going to be among the first line of things that we’ll see as disclosure progressing. We’re going to start seeing simple replicators that make us food and common household objects. And the med beds and posibly the tanks.
Althought the tanks have a lot of ethical questions. In a tank you can induce someone to have certain emotions more than normal when they come back out. In a tank you can induce someone to have martial arts skills and extremely fast reflexes.
The moral questions of being given those abilities instead of earning them are somethings that have to be adress before release a tank.

Host: And I don’t know if you feel like this but this interview, this hour has been so fast.

META: It has, I’m willing to go longer if you want to.

Host: Yeah, yeah, I mean, maybe 20 more minutes, is that alright?

META: That sounds good to me.

Host: Someone’s asking, mary lopez, if you have heard of an extaeterrestrial race of Grays called Cory, and she says that they’re neutral and they’re geneticists. So her question would be “¿Who are they?”

META: Uhm… I’m familiar with several neutral races but I don’t… A lot of times the perception of how they communicate affects the names, so I can’t just take a name and tell you, “This is what they are”. I need a description of what they look like, either ethereal, 4D or real life.
So, I mean I’m familiar with several neutral races that are geneticists.

Host: OK, I’m gonna ask for a description let me see if she can give us one. Janet margaret, an interesting questions: “Can you ask if he created portals to the future?”

META: Yes I did. The thing is… I try to stay away from the future becuase it’s undefined. Sometimes when you have head off into the future too far it gets ahrder to go back to where you came from.
So I’ve been into the future a couple of times. And I’d go back to the same time and it was different. It was different multiple times because things continue to change. Different choices where made, you know? My interdimensional selves were involved.
Each had different futures…. those futures where of course places you could visit and still go back to where you came from. But if you go too far ahead into the future, even your own future, it becomes so undefined that it’s hard to get back the same way, for me anyways that’s how it was.
So in a way I had to see different versions of the future through the eyes of the dimensional beings that communicated, if that makes any sense.

Host: OK so there it is, we don’t have to translate this because she’s an english speaker. It’s going to be in the transcript anyways.
Now Mary Lopez did send a description of the race of geneticists, and I’m going to describe them to you. They have big white eyes, and they have some sort of screen in their eyes, a blue retina, like cats… And their ears are pointy and their head ends in a pointy shape, their head is point. And their stature… they are short and not ugly, she says.

META: Not ugly. Do they have a color, or a hue to their bodies?

Host: What color their bodies are.

META: Yeah.

Host: Ok, now I’m going yo wait for a response and in the meantime, veronica altamirano is asking”¿Is the intergalactic mayan group real? And if they are, ¿Are they healers?” Do you know them?

META: Yes I have. You know, I’m an astral proyector and I have explored things as I get point of references to them. When corey first started talking about the ancient aztec race I did quite a little bit of exploration and… they were… they are real and they are healers, but they’re also very satalwart or stubborn in their ways. So they were kind of sticks in the mud, I don’t know… I enjoyed my time with them but I ahd more fun with other groups.

Host: Now, about the neutral group of geneticists she says: “They have a white skin, it’s white like the horns of the elephants you know that material?”

META: OK, yeah yeah, Ivory, very white. I haven’t actually met a species like that before. But I’ve been intrigued, now that I have a point of reference to speak with them, uhm… they sound intriguing but no I don’t know them yet.

Host: OK another question from franco céspedes. He asks us “¿Do you still have abilities to open portals? or what sorts of abilities do you have?”

META: Well, I mean I can open portals in the astral realm and the plasma realms… The portals on the plasma realms you have to be careful about… to make them just large enough to let something in, it’s kind of like something moving through a rubber band than an actuall full-own make-its-own-shape portal.
In the astral realms and the angelic realms portals are completely different. You don’t often need portals in the angelic realm because you can travel in between realms just by thinking about it. Like an instant transmission. When you arrive at a realm you alomst materialize out of a fog or something like that, it’s not the same kind of thing.
In the astral plane is where portals occur the most and they need to be shaped more that just large enough for something to come through sometimes. It’s easier it seems to make them a shape in the astral realm. But no I haven’t been able, I mean… I can generate portals when I’m awake but you couldn’t see them and I try not to a lot of times when I’m awake.

Host: Ok I don’t have to translate right now because he understood everything and says thank you for your answer. And we have more questions coming but really, I have to go, it’s getting late here and well the time flew by I love all the qustions that you made we had a very good and fun Q&A I think.

META: Yeah, and I’m sure we’ll be able to save the questions that I didn’t get to answer for the next time.

Host: Yeah, yeah. I’ll save them and then we can answer them, yeah next time! Ok yeah! So we can have a fith interview!

META: Sure.

Host: Perfect. Cool. So then let’s have a closing. Let’s close this space, do you have any words as you say goodby to us?

META: Yes. Those of you who have been directed to do so, who have been working on the light grid, I really apreciate it and it’s helped a lot. If you can please continue your work, we’re on our way things are moving faster. I’m very excited about the progress that it’s being made. Rememeber to take of yourselves, focus on your heart, live from your heart and the world will definetly open up to you.

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  1. Sorry! Eso no es una traducción, ni es nada!
    Mejor esperar a la traducción oficial… Aunque estas dejan mucho que desear también!
    Increíble que no haya nadie que pueda hacer muy buenas traducciónes.


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