Third interview with SSP insider META: Connecting the Dots

(Adoninas) Despite the interference, and losing a big chunk of audio, we are going to release almost two hours of super-charged information META shared with us just very recently.


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META: Hello?

Host: Hey goodnight META how are you?

I’m doing alright… I’m trying to get everything situated… here we go!

META: So we have a lot to go over today. We were talking more earlier about what exactly we wanted this interview to be about and after contemplation yesterday, and working with other few of my friends at the SSP I came to the conclusion that I had to talk about all of the much darker aspects of the Dark Fleet and the SSP.

And you gotta understand that when I went through my awakening and I spent that time with my star family and the ascended masters and the angelic realms and all of that a lot of the pain and emotion from the darker side of those periods was kind of removed. And so it was kind of like a gray slate of I know these things happens but I didn’t feel the pain or emotion from it, and uh [connection lost] in a more painful way. It’s easier or me to talk about all of th- [connection lost]

Because of that process I had a lot of the negative emotions removed from the experiecies and kind of looking back like in a 50’s… like in a black TV show. Did you hear that?

Host: Yeah I heard that part.

META: And in that respect, I didn’t fully registered… I’ve been working with.. [connection lost] People who had similar things, and me putting it all together for them I realized that emotionally it’s going to be much more painful than I realized. Are you getting that also?

Host: Yes

[Connection Lost]

META: Are we back?

Host: Yes. Now I can hear you.

META: Man they really don’t want me to talk about this do they?

Host: Yes, Ok, so let’s repeat for those of you who… OK. So META was talking about all these memories that are coming back and all these experiences and uh… how difficult it would be to process all of this right?

META: Right. There are very dark things and we have a lot of… I’ve had these memories the whole time. It’s just that you’re afraid to talk about it, you have this ingrained fear to talk about it and even though you’ve been through the healing process in the angelic realms and the ascended masters and the star families and things like that, they have kind of been great at like… it’s not as a potent an emotion.

But when you really get to working to put it all together (I went through the [¿?] you sent to me yesterday) some of the emotional strain really started to affect me again and I began to realize that, uhm… I mean I’m going to have to share this with everyone so they know what it was like and how bad it actually was. And I just want everyone to kind of brace themselves for this because it’s not a pretty situation.

So basically there was an indoctrination inside the Dark Fleet / SSP group that I was in. A sort of spiritual indoctrination that there was no god. There was no higher power other than the self, other than you, each person. And that everything was predatory, everything. That everything fed on everything else and that this was the system. And that the only way to get anywhere being in the bottom line was just to being a host to predatory parasites and everything else was to raise your own level and absorb more energy empirically than the guy next to you.

And the pecking order was set up that way and everyone was indoctrianted that way. I did not have to believe that, personally, and it was because of multiple reasons.

One was because it was obvious that I did not have to use any kind of [¿?] to use my abilities. I was relying on some kind of higher power when I did this from the get-go.
But I was punished severly with these chips. They had them somewhere in my body, I can’t tell you. If I contraticted what they said about those subjects this severe pain would cause severe headache bringing you to your knees, shaking convulsing, throwing up…

And your thought were monitored a lot of the time. I got very lucky in my second nodal point I was able to start bypassing some of that, but up until then every thought was monitored. Everything you did, said, movement, was monitored.

A lot of the technicians and many of the lower soldiers and people who were psychics like me were indoctrinated with a black goo.  They had to drink this black goo that was like this dark AI that controled them and it kind of sucked the emotional empathic abilities out of them.

They could not feel other people’s pain. It made them very smart, very focused, but they not longer cared about harming other people.  And it was like watching the light getting consumed out of them. And it was very scary to see it happen, they were never the same person. The things that you had once known and seen in them… you could not know or see anymore, it was all shrouded and felt like they could kill you as quick as looking you. They could look right through you like that.

And for someone who was not given the black goo it made you feel like you were surrounded by demons, by very evil people. As soon as they were given that stuff it was like they were a different person. And this was something that you just had to deal with.

There’s other things like that, like for example my handler as far as I know still had empathic abilities. Those on the higher rank of th- [connection lost]. Are you there?

Host: Yes. Those in the higher levels still had empathic abilities.

META: Right. Now their empathic abilities were [¿?] in that they did not give a single care about someone who was not part of their group. They had no empathic abilities for captives, or anyone below them…

[Connection Lost] …they had those abilities. Whether or not they were [¿?] or not… some of the things was more like a thought, uhm… but that was a big part of their system in that they were kind of excellent conmen.

When they would capture people from other ships they would use those derelict ships to capture other ships. And they would keep a skeleton crew and all the skeleton crew would be given black goo, they’d be implanted, and they would have to follow all the orders of the black fleet. And they would do things like put out a distress call, and the dark fleet would wait, cloacked, for other ships to show up and then they would raid those ships.

And the rest of them were sent to outposts to be used for human trafficking, slave trade… just basic extremely brutal and horrible research. Anybody who dissented in any way was punished and tortured. Everyting that they did to help anyone was brought to light. They would be tortured to the point of death and then reanimated in a tank, with this green-like goo, and they they’d be tortured again to the point of death over and over again till it was all… uhm… until they got it all.

And they had special psychics that drank the black goo that monitored all of this and knew when they got all the information. And if felt that they could be repourposed then they would be repourposed… they were blank slated and repurposed.

If they felt that they could not be reporpused then they were just shot out the airlock, uhm… this happened to multiple people in the workshop and things like that.

And part of the reason that I froze the whole ship was because the only two scientists that I thought I could count on were missing when they brought me in and that was [connection problems] and then I froze the workshop, the observation room and then the ship.

And I was very angry, I knew because of that nodal point what powers would come and what powers I was already manifesting and I wasn’t going to allow it to go this way that they earlier versions of me before the second nodal. You have to understand… I’m gonna go into what the nodal was like for a moment and then I’m gonna tell you about my negociation with the general, and the cofee spot I got after that.

It was like the nodal started with me breaking down in front of the mirror. And a version of me coming in from the future and watching from outside the room afraid to enter because… still there?

Host: Yes, I’m here.

META: OK. Afraid to enter because of the things they told me about interacting with myself through time and how I could destroy things.

I walked in (the second me), the first me was watching from outside the room, standing there shaking his head. The second me was from a later time walked in and started talking to me. Then it was like a flood of mes walking in towards the me standing in front of the mirror.

The first one, said everything he needed to say and gave me a hug. The second one said everything he needed to say and gave me a hug. By the third one, all that they needed to do was to touch my forehead and all the information they had to give me was just immediately donwloaded, transfered into me.

From that point forward it was walking through a tunnel. All the mes looked like a caterpillar, each one was touching me on the forehead and flash and then the next one would do it and it turned into a thousand mes transferring information into me and walking through a caterpillar myself to the door to the first me that was watching.
That’s how I received all of the information in my second nodal. And I started to put it all toghether.

By the end of it I probably [¿?] 15 years worth of knowledge in a very short period of time. But in a body that hadn’t learn how to use all this things I was just told and taught how to do.

And immediatly after I stepped out of the laboratory the information I used on how to circumvent all the tracking mechanisms that they use on reading my mind, tracking me, and I use rudimentary versions of what they had shown me to do, that made it partially effective.

The [¿?] was not finished when I was taken to the [¿?] but that point in time. That’s when I froze the ship. So I froze the ship. It wasn’t like the ship was frozen in time, like I said, it was like everyone inside of themselves was frozen. Like their mechanism for measuring time just stopped, and so they all stopped. Time remained the same, objects still fell to the ground. The generators where still working, everything worked as normal. The ship wasn’t stopped in time, just everyone inside of themselves was stopped.

I went to the main bridge, the main brigde’s control room and I unfroze the General. and this time I went into this [¿?] and he screamed to me “What have you done!”… [Connection lost]

META: Hello

Host: OK so we’re back.

META: Ok, and he said “What have you done? You’re going to destroy everything!”. And I was very unhappy at that time, about living all these lies, these lies that everyone else lived by and they were being punished for trying to dispel those lies. And he told me that that was the way it was. And I was willing to freeze the ship forever if… And he told me that that was never going to change. That the ship could stay frozen for eternity, and it would never change.

And so instead I started to argue and bargain for my own… more freedom for myself, less control for myself. And I said I cannot [¿?] the way you treat me, it’s destroying me. And I won’t survive it [¿?].

And I threatened to portal out portions of his body, I threatened to portal out portions of the ship. I threatened to do all sorts of things. And other ships arrived. And I expanded this bubble that everyone and any other ship that got close would start to freeze also, and one ship was half frozen but it could communicate with the general for some time he had and he could not go any further, any attempt to to stop my insurrection would cause other ships to also be destroyed.

And so we made a deal. I was given a choice of many different suits. They relinquished certain controls over me that hindered my abilities, or prevented me from doing the abilities I wanted normally in that situation.

I was only supposed to portal in or out and time travel. I was not supposed to have abilities that allowed me to feel emotions or read people’s minds, I was not supposed to be able to do that, but I was granted those abilities also. I wasn’t supposed to be able to do what I do – what I did, the stopping of people, uhm in time [¿?] just like that. But I was given those abilities.

I was given other abilities in addition to that, I mean, the suits allowed me to use my other abilities. And it was really hard for me because I felt like I bargained away everyone’s elses freedom by accepting those gifts. I had a position there where I could save everyone and instead I just accepted a [¿?] condition.

Host: So that was what was causing you conflict.

META: Yes. And it was a very tough situation in that I still everyday have to [¿?] people, uhm… live their lives under the control of that black AI, be tortured or controled.
And it made me feel like it was my fault, like “I did that to them… now they have to be tortured”, things like that.

Or… If I’d just left a minute earlier instead of staying, then more people wouldn’t be punished for me hearing what they had said, or… It became like the punishment was more them being punished, more than me being punished.

And they useed my empathy against me in that respect, as a form of control. And that if I didn’t want to see others harm I would do exactly what I was told when I was told, if I didn’t want anyone to be harmed.

But it was all [¿?] because they were harmed either way, and there was nothing you could do about it. And I found solace in the fact that I did not have to adhere to some of belief systems, or that my handler still had much more freedom than a normal person.
And I had the ability to escape when I wanted and return within time dilation.

Host: So, before we move forward I wanted to stop a little bit in this scene, becauase it’s very important. For example I think it would be very important if we could identify the captain of the ship.

META: Yes. He was a human as far as I can tell. He was one of the only ones who didn’t have blonde hair. He had brown hair. He had a little bit of a rounded face.

He always looked around 32 [¿?]. Clean cut, always very clean cut. No facial hair. All the upper brass had their own suits, like my suit, a body suit that amplified their abilities and they wore a black military [¿?] over the top of that. Black pants. Black shoes, and a black collared shirt, a military shirt.

They carried one simple insignia of what they were. They carried a german nazi SS, and some had them in silver and some had them in gold. I don’t know if it was silver or platinum, but the silver ones where higher than the gold ones.

Host: And did he have some kind of powers?

META: He definetly had a power to communicate extremely long distances. Whether that was a technological implant or an ability I don’t know… I could always tell who were the ones to have black goo, and he did. But many of his subordinates that were blonde and blue-eyed did not.

There was this thing I could do where I could look into their eyes. In the center of the dark part of their eyes and I could tell if they had the black AI in them. And he did, but many of his subordinates didn’t. Many of the [¿?] of the military factions did not. Almost everyone who was a pilot did.

Host: OK so he was consumed by the AI.

META: Correct. He was under the control of the AI.

Host: Ok, and maybe he had some personality that you could describe?

META: Yes, he was a conman. He was a wheeling and dealing conman. He was an instructive person in that respect, in that he was very good at generating conscent for whatever he wanted people to acomplish.

He could make anyone agree to anything and it was always a carrot and stick type of situation, and the carrot turned out to be less that you thought it was going to be, and the stick was always larger than you realized.

Host: Ok. Good description. Now, he was at the top in the chain of command in your ship right? He was at the very top.

META: Yes.

Host: Ok, so… and there were other levels inferior to him. Could you descrie the chain of command in your ship?

META: Yes, there was three other people below him. One handled the pilots, one handled the soldiers, and one —and this is the one that handled us and the scientists— it was like a… he handled everyone else from the slaves, to the captives, to the scientists, to us.

And he was extremely evil. He had no hair anywhere on his body and he was humanoid, but his eyes were completely black, he had no… color to his eyes, just the white on the edges and the rest of it was black. I assumed he had much more of the AI than normal. And ruthless. He could kill you as soon as look at you.

And the people underneath him were allowed to do a lot of things for discipline. He had a group of people that he used to control everyone who wasn’t a soldier or a pilot, but none of them were allowed to kill anyone. He’d be the only one allowed to kill people.

Host: And below the captain there were 3 subcaptains? Or do you know the name of their rank?

META: I do not, I can’t tell you.

Host: And below the guy with no hair, assuming he was the one who you had more interaction with. Did he have… how many subordinates did he have?

META: Gosh, I have to say at least… anywhere between… it varied. Because some of the would leave to do missions on other ships and come back.

And sometimes they would come back with people, sometimes they would take people with them… but it was between 24 to 30, in that range. And many of them were very psychic. And my handler responded directly to him, only directly to him.

In fact she had domination over me, and protected me from them at anytime, but she had to report directly to him.

Host: So you were actually very close to the actual general, only 3 levels below maybe.

META: Well I never got to make commands to anyone.

Host: Oooh.

META: I was just allowed… I was just shielded from most of their control systems. I was never allowed to make a single command to anyone, ever. Sometimes I would try when we were on a raid and it might work, and it might not. Those were the only times I was ever brave enough, or I felt I had the necessity that I had to tell someone to do something.

Host: So even though you were close to these higher ranked Generals, you didnt have any authority at all.

META: None. And after I relinquished back to the ship and everyone was unfrozen I received a [¿?] a lot less diminished things that I wasn’t allowed to do. I wasn’t not [¿?] The only thing that remained I wasn’t allowed to contradict other passengers of the ship, regardless of who they were. As long as I didn’t do that they wouldn’t do anything to harm me.

Host: OK so, now just to get a clear picture of the ship and everything inside the Dark Fleet, now that we’re at it. Could you describe the general atmosphere inside the ship, well, all the details. From what you ate while you were up there… all this stuff.

META: I was fed the same thing everyday. Kind of like a brownish light colored goo that had almost no flavor… there wasn’t… we had these [¿?] that supressed your appetite, they were full of vitamins and somedays you could take them and for days you wouldn’t need anything to eat.

And so there wasn’t a lot of time involved with eating, and when there was it was just a simple substance that was supposed to have all the nutritional vitamins for you.

Host: But was there a cafeteria where you could go and eat there?

META: There was a small cafeteria and there was used more in the beginning than it was used later. THe solider used it everyday 3 times a day. We on the other hand weren’t allowed to interact with them and we would have to take it back to our quarters to eat.
We weren’t allowed to eat with them. I can only remember 3 times where I could eat in the actual cafeteria with other people around and my handler was there, and I was separated from the other people.

Host: Ok, now. Was there any kind of religion that was practiced openly inside the ship?

META: That vampiric religion that they had, that had very smilar ideas to that of the black sun, the order of the black sun. Same ideas.

Host: So there was a ritual. There was ritual inside the ship.

META: The ritual it’s just surrounding that black goo thing. I wasn’t exposed to the actual ritual, but I saw what people looked when they came out. And I did see the black goo on one or two occasions. Not because I was supposed to but because I was [¿?] when someone did.

Host: Did they carry some sort of symbol that they used to identify themselves or their ship? For example, the symbol of the black sun, was it there on the ship?

META: Some of the military soldiers had black sun tatoos. But I got the feeling that they had mixed belief systems. They did not all of them believed the same thing, and they would [¿?] make fun of each other sometimes for that. But I wasn’t supposed to know all that, and they got punished for me knowing.

Host: So it was still an occult thing. It wasn’t out in the open.

META: Yes, and I was not supposed to know any of it. I think partially it was because later missions where I was more of like a trojan horse and they didn’t want me to [¿?] for those missions. Also, if I was captured I wouldn’t know who they where allied with, and the different factions and things like that. I think they wanted to keep me in the dark as much as possible, but I managed to get small amounts of information out of sheer power of curiosity

Not all of those worked out because I was punished by other people being punished. I did manage to visit the room where the black goo was kept without their knowledge, but it was becuase at that point in time I had learned how to go light body, but at a level where I couldn’t be seen, where I was invisible.

Host: Could you describe for us the room where the black goo was kept?

META: Yes it was a black room, everything was black inside of it. There where pillars… at different times I was in there were a different number of pillars. Sometimes there were three, sometimes there were six, sometimes there were nine, sometimes there were thirteen.

And there was a big bowl in the center of the room that looked like it was made of brass, in the shape of an egg, except as if you had cut off the top quarter of the egg. And you had to look down inside to see it. And it wasn’t easy to see there wasn’t light shining inside of it, but apparently that poured into some kind of container and then they would have to drink it.

And I used this system where I could turn myself into a light body and what I would do is to portal out after a mission and I would go on an excursion back to earth or something. The idea of it reached a curiosity level taht I would go back in before I had even left for the mission, right when we were leaving for the mission, I figured during the busiest time like that, that they wouldn’t notice as much…

And I made myself into this tiny light version of myself and high vibration that was invisible. And I portaled in from a tiny tiny portal, like the size of a needle, to investigate the room. And I went back three separate times, but I was never able to go back and see what the ritual was like. I was only able to see what the room appeared like before or after.

Sometimes I would use a reference point of when they did it, but it always seemed like I missed my chance, and I don’t know why that is, but I always missed the ritual. I always got out before or after but didn’t for specific reasons when it was going to happen, so I would just portal out.

Host: Yes, it sounds almost as if the darkness was keeping you from entering the ritual.

META: Yes it felt like a, you know, how magnets of the same poles push each other away like that. It felt like that. It felt like there was some type of bubble that prevented me from entering it, like water falling off of a black surface, you know? I couldn’t adhere to that ritual, I couldn’t see it.

Host: Now, do you think they have used this black goo on people on earth?

META: Yes. Especially those three that I met, that made the deals for the saving of the elite children. They all three had the same signature of energy that people on the ship had. And two of the three of them displayed their black sun tatoos more predominantly.

The one in South America had it on his neck, halfway coming out of his collar. And the one in Europe had it on his left shoulder, and made sure to wear a shirt that was a tank top.

Hot: Oooh ok. So you remember them, these people. Their faces.

META: The one from south america was definetly from South American descent. He was a normal build, kind of an O face but with an angular jawline. Very very piercing, very dark eyes. You could almost feel the pulse of those eyes in your heart.

The European one was more like… he had a mustache, brownish color. And short short hair. He wore sunglasses for half of the time that we talked, and he took them off for effect when he wanted to say something, but it wasn’t as strong as those in south america.

The first one in the north east americas areas… he seemed like the oldest of the three and there was just something different about him. There was more to him than just the black goo.

Host: Like something more negative? Another negative element in the mix?

META: More like… yes, but tricky. And very old. Very, very, very old. Older than the other two. Probably the oldest out of everyone I’ve met. As far as, not that you could see it on their face, not that they looked like an older person… but more like the age of the thing that it was, was extremely old.

Host: Hmmm… well it’s important because by the end of the season we’re going to connect the dots, which is this interview’s topic, and we’re going to connect them to factions that maybe are stil active here in the surface of the planet. And we are going to denounce them, disclose everything, and that’s how we’re going to make them go away.
At least that’s the plan.

META: I can definelty tell you that they aren’t fully gone from the surface of the earth, these groups. And that ties in to the work that I’ve been doing in Venezuela lately… there’s such a mess down there.

I’m scared to speak the wrong thing about Venezuela, and there’s so much going on in there, I cannot fully grasp it. We spoke in private before about positive and negative groups of the reptilians, one that was more established on earth a very long time ago that is reaching the point to be able to breathe again and the other is much more aligned with the draconinan groups and it’s stealing nests, it’s raiding nests and causing a lot of turmoil.

And the reflection of that in the political and social sphere of Venezuela it’s just a huge mess. Neither one of them, of those reptilian groups, give a single care for human beings.
And the draconinan group is also allied I believe with the same factions I was allied with. It’s causing exreme turmoil. And the other group, the more positive faction is trying to break away from that, into a greater world organization, greater than the world: a galactic organization. And the turmoil is apparent.

And neither group is doing anything to stop what’s happening to the human populace in the social or political realms. I cannot tell you if the president now is fully in the light. All I can tell you is that he is making a push towards the countries that I know that are in the light. I have to believe that the way our federal goverment is acting and the way the news organizations are acting, that they are supporting the negative factions that has been gone around and crushing windows and shooting people in the street there.

Uhm, I cannot predict what will happen in the future, but I can tell you that I would be very careful about trusting the opposition that is supported by the US government And I think that’s as accurate as I can get with that.

Host: OK so the negative factions are allied with the guys that are trying to push the US agenda.

META: Correct. Big surprise right? But as far as the antiquities go there, the tabletop mountains are ancient. They predate Atlantean times. There’s an avian influence in them that is apparent. And the larger tabletop is where the negative reptilian factions reside and the smaller one is where the positive factions reside. The smaller one is kind of south east of the larger tabletop.

But their influence spreads throughout the area…. I don’t even know what to say about it other than it’s best to stay out of the way.

Host: OK, thank you very much because a lot of our readers are asking us about the situation in Venezuela and LA in general. So thanks for your insights.

META: It was very hard work. It was very dangerous. There were a lot of times where I just had to leave before I got caught. And there were times where you were guided to think the wrong thing. And you had to spend a lot of time reevaluating what you had just saw, and what was the actual intent of that. So I can’t be fully clear on everything that is going on there, but I think everything I’ve spoken about is true.

Host: Now I’m having a lot of curiosity about the period in time where they were trying to keep you happy. Where the dark fleet was trying to keep you happy. What would they do

META: My handler started to introduce a lot of sexual jundalini magic unbeknowst to me. It was being used to create portals.  It charged me in a way that the energy was being [¿?] create portals, to whatever purposes they had.

There was a lot of -that was during the whole time whether or not I was actually circumventing the tracking or not I was getting my vacations.  There was a lot of oportunities for me, the couple of times I got to go to the cafeteria where during that time…

Just any bit of it short leave, of certain ports… experiencing the… the port was literally set up to be like a short leave port, a party port, you know? Things like that you know what I mean. Party ports, for my perspective were very still emotionally scarring, uhm… but everyone else seem to love it.

Host: You didn’t like the party port?

META: No, because it was obviously set up to make those people their in complete service to us, and it showed that it was a control system. And I foud it enyoying it a lot, but it was more of another tell tell side for how evil they where, from everything I could feel from those… on the inside,

on the outside it was a beautiful port with percetly clean and excellent system meant for relaxation and, you know? Every type of recreating that you could imagine.

But there was a mnuch darker side behind it. The people there were very happy to be there because they would be tortured everywhere else. Things like that. So it wasn’t really… it wasn’t… it was a thin facade, from my perspective.

Host: So then there wasn’t much of an improvement compared to the time before the second nodal point. Well, there was change because you had the new abilities but
the way they were trying to keep you happy was not… well it doesn’t seem much different.

META: Well they thought it was different. The frecuency of times I had where I was given oportunities to enjoyed myself increased. I was able to port back to earth and experience everything I wanted to experience. I was also under the idea thay they wouldn’t let me do that. And I still don’t think they would, so I think I got away with that, without their knowledge.

Altought I could never be sure. They might have let me do it. But there was a great increase of things that palcated me and kept me from wanting to destroy the ship
or freeze everyone or portal us into a portal that they would never be able to find a way out of. Just, you know anything that I would be able to do to ruin that ship’s situation.
I always foud a way to give me enoght from what I want to keep me from doing it.

Host: It also helped you connect with the light beams and actually become a double agent for the light right?

META: Yes it did. There is a very interesting part about the third nodal point, and I haven’t disclosed this before, where it was just than my contact with them that made them want me to go back.

And I went multidimensinoal in that when I went back, when they catched me and sent me back, there were multiple versions of me that stayed around. Some of them in service of those people, and others that were fully working with the light. I can’t get into moment that occured, the actual moment of the third nodal, but I did something in the their eyes, in that third nodal point that was considered unforgivable.

The personal physical body that I was at that time was brought back, blank-slated, age regressed and everything. There were multiple versions of me that stayed behind, some of them operating for the light. Some of them operating for the Dark Fleet. So I had two to three years of experience after my third nodal point that’s very complicated and hard for me to understand, and I don’t think I can put it all into words yet for the public bBecause of how complicated it is, my interaction with multiple selves at that time.
And I can’t disclose the third nodal point because there’s information that I refuse to release for them, which is why I was sent back.

Host: Oh ok so it’s also a matter of safety.

META: Well, it’s more as a matter of safety, is more like an insurance policy. And also a protection upon things that might get into the wrong hands. So there’s multile reasons why.

Host: OK, so why, I very much look forward to the day you can disclose it. But I mean eventually everything is going to be disclosed right? everything is going to be [¿?]

META: The first nodal point i’ll be able to disclose in the next few months, once the light network is up and running I can disclose the first nodal point. And that one is an important one, because it will transcend from the beginning of my experience all the way to my return and my life here all the way through my awakening.

It’s a very deep and expansive nodal point. And it prevented them from using me over and over again. But I cannot get into the specifics until the light network is finished.

Host: Ok, ok no problem. also wanted to prepare our readers and our listeners to all these experience that we are going to be disclosing and I think that one of the very important points is to discuss the nature of time, becuase I think it’s going to be one of the hardest aspects to digest, maybe.

The time traveling and all these things related to the timelines and how they change, so maybe could you just explain a little bit about the nature of time.

META: OK the nature of time… the easiest way to explain it is like… time only moves forwards and backwards. On planet, here on earth, we look at time as a linear structure where you got the past the present and the future.

Where the past is old and stale, the present is a beautiful, infinite moment, and the future is still kind of foggy and undefined. That’s a simple representation of a three dimensional understanding of time.

And a fourth dimensional understanding of time, the way I understand it, is not only past present and future being more like all is one but also, if you could imagine, it’s spreading out in a “right” and “left” in a multidimensinonal stance.

Not only there are a future, a present, and a past, but there’s an infinite number of future, presents and pasts. Dimensionally on the right side, let’s say, going to infinity, to more positive versions; and then there’s an infinite number of dimensions let’s say on the left side of, you know? past, presents and futures going in a more negative direction.
And That’s more of a fourth dimensional view of time, in that there are infinite number of directions to the more positive end of the spectrum and the more negative end of the spectrum continuing along past, present, and future the same way ours is.

In addition to that, at the very far end of those streams… of the spectrum, there are blak light dimensions and dark blank dimensions that are yet undefined, that they not yet become full of substance. That are either closer to the dark end on the dark side just plain blackness and the light end of the spectrum just pure light.

And That’s the basic understading of how I used time throughout most of my time in that experience. Towards the end it become much more complicated when multidimensional mes started getting involved in my timeline.

We’re in a very unique moment right now in that it seems to be that all of the multidimensions are being kind of woven together in a way, that they’re all becoming one.

I was very lucky in that respect in that I was an organic time traveler. And so most of my work that was being done was in the main timeline I existied in. But we’re seeing now that a lot of the multidimensional side of the experiences are woven kind of into our experience also. And I think this is the one way the light forces have prevented negative forces from using other dimensions against the battle.

Host: OK, so we’re heading to tne most positive timeline now.

META: Yes, but it’s more like a central timeline. It’s kind of incorporating all the other timelines in a way that it will all become one.

Host: Ok, so we’re in the timeline where the darkness disapears. We’re in this timeline.

META: Yes definetly, yes.

Host: OK, very good. Nice, nice nice. Now talking about the victory of the light, we were talking also about the light netwrok and some things that you wanted to share about the light grid.

META: Yes, the light grid still needs a lot of help. I would ask people to focus on South America, and focus on Europe for the light grid. We need to connect the light grid through Europe, all the way across China, and we need to work on South America.

And I’ve been doing a lot of work, and it is ups and downs. The battles are fierce. And you could spend hours progressing the light grid and watch it be destroyed right behind you by the way the battles are going right now.
And we need more people to help.

Host: Ok. What do we need to do. Just tell us and we’ll spread the message.

META: I would recommend using Cobra’s directed meditations. And instead of focusing it just where you are at, pick the areas that I spoke of… a lot of times we have a tendency to work locally and go “ok let’s do it in the area I’m in”… You have to understand that the energies that we’se sending can be propagated anywhere, that time and distance are of no consecuence when you are working with those energies, and that focusing in areas that are hotbeds, will definetly increase our chances of reaching the goal of completing it by March. And there are certain areas like in South America and Europe that need it really bad right now.

Host: Do you think it would be a good idea to bury Cintamani stones?

META: I agree with Cobra on this one. Do as you feel directed.

…to be continued












One thought on “Third interview with SSP insider META: Connecting the Dots

  1. I am really looking forward to read the transcript. I find the music in the background a bit distracting and creepy and I tried to listen to the interview at night.


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