Second Interview with SSP insider: META — An Unveiling of the Dark Fleet

(Adoninas) First of all I’d like to thank all of you for the great response these couple of interviews we’ve had, and to thank META to agree on doing more interviews with us.

Look forward to Season 1 of META and the Dark Fleet: Discosure of the SSP in your nearest social media plataform, as we’ll do as many interviews as it takes until we get the Total and Complete Disclosure that we want 😉

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We began this interview by asking META to tell us the history of the Dark Fleet from his perspective, and to describe his role inside the Dark Fleet in more detail:


META: There were a couple of missions where I had scouting opportunities for certain… Uhm… for certain encampments that they wanted to create on different planets that were outside of the solar system. So i did have some connective choices there, but for the most part they kept me pretty much in the dark about things. And I wasn’t allowed to know… in fact I know that we had allies. I did acquire use of their ships, but I could not tell you the names of their allies, and I cannot… I couldn’t tell you very much of what they were like, other than the experiences I had with them in the past, which came from different missions, like the one we’ve spoke of before when I saved the couple in an asassination attempt.

As far as enemies go, it was anybody who did not trade like they wanted to trade… uhm… they were like pirates. Their normal MO would be to present themselves as a friendly [¿?] group and then attack when they didn’t get what they wanted. And so it was just one of those things to where you can count on the fact that if you didn’t do what they wanted you to do they were going to try and attack and invade you, and thake over your ship. So it was very, you know, it was very fast paced in that way I mean, they might attack 10 ships in a week you know what I mean? it was really hard to keep track of it all, and how fast it moved and sometimes I was an intrical part of those raids becuse my ability alllowed me to bypass ceirtain shielding systems and I could get a bunch of people on the inside of an opposing ship very quickly.

Or I could covertly sneak around, and if it was too dangerous to take the whole ship there was… there were covert options that they would have to vise for me to do something in that respect.

As far as the different roles, I had inside Dark Fleet throughout the time, well in the beginning it was more of… tracking and control mechanisms in my suit and also how to advance my own skill level and improve my abilities, refine my abilities and develop new abilities…

That first… that second nodal point was what gave me the ability to escape or go on vacation over time, and I would do that fairly often throughout my carreer afterwards, after I met myself and began to realize how to circumvent all the controls they had placed on me… Uhm, those contols came from the suit that could knock you out, that could freeze you, that could stop you in different ways, uhm…

Whenever I developed my next ability after being able to portal, the first thing I developed was this ability that could just freeze time inside of people, they would not be frozen themselves, their hearts would still be beating, they were still alive, time wasn’t frozen everywhere… uhm, it was just like inside of them, in that tiny space, but it froze their entire bodies…

And it was when they tried to change my suit… they monitored you continously through the suit and they would know when certain psychic ability levels were spiking and they could tell that something was changing and they wanted to change your suits to contol you, and they took me to the workshop (what they called it) where they were going to change my suit. And I was able to freeze everyone in the room, and then I realized I had this new ability.

I froze everyone in the observation room next to that room, and then a strong feeling came over me that the rest of them would find out, so I stopped it and I frozed everything.

And I had to walk to the halls at that point and I went to the main control room (the bridge), and I unfroze the general. And we had a long talk, and I was able to garner myself a suit of my choosing, unbeknownst to me they had created many suits… and this allowed me a great advantage over time. Turns out I was valuable enough at that time that they did not… they wanted to keep me happy.

So I was given the choice of several different suits that not only amplified my abilities, but gave me the opportunity… I had a learning AI that would give me the opportunity to develop new skills, uhm at the same time. I could switch into a suit that did not have the AI once I have developed this new skills and the skills would remain.

And this was kind of like a stair stepping process for 6 months to a year afterwards on the suits… I mean I went through 12 generations of suits throughout the whole time I was there.

And some of them were more like a teaching suit, and other suits were more advanced and allowed me to just use my abilities, without any control or monitoring. They always tried to sneak controls and monitors into the suits. I was lucky enough to have that second nodal point and to develop other skills that allowed me to stop those controls. But uh, I don’t know what do you think? Do you have any questions at this point?

Host: Oh yes, like how much time were you up there? 12 generations of suits that sounds like many years.

Yeah I was up there 18 to 20 years and I have multiple memories… and this is the weird part, is that at the end of my career I have multiple memories of how it ended. And so I’m not sure whether or not there are multiple dimensional “mes” trying to espace the removal of me from that system at that time, I’m not sure. But the one that is the most predominant is the one where I was caught when I was 18 years in. So I have to assume that that is the primary line that occured.

It’s the one… and I mean there’s a whole story involving that also…. They… they had me… I mean you have to understand that as we progressed 10 years in and so their technology level had increased greatly and they had spread through much larger parts of the galaxy. They had spread to different planetary systems throughout our galaxy and they had become to a ceirtain degree intergalactic. To where they could travel to surrounding galaxies that were close, like andromeda.

This was… and this is important to realize because they set up, you know? outposts throughout our galaxy and they used them from everything from, you know, short leave to refits, and whether it would be a small station that would be hidden on the planet and raised when it was time for a refit and they would do it in space. Or that the ship would be brought down and then refitted for the planet. Their favourite thing to do with refits, and I know because we did refits sometimes, and I had to scout places for refits. Refits a lot of times, like they would totally take a ship and refit it with new technology, they would pick an asteroid belt with a large asteroid in the center of it and they would hollow out this asteroid in a way so that they could have a ship enter it and they could refit it inside this asteroid and it would be hidden for the most part.

Uhm… and so… but you know on in there, 10 years in they had continued to refit their ships and they’ve advanced their technologies to the point where they could travel very far. They had much more advanced weapons, they had much more advanced shielding and much more advanced sensors than they had in the beginning… and there was once specific mission where I was… after the mission I was… uh kind of… I’m just gonna have to tell you the whole story of the mission to even make sense.

Host: OK. No problem.

META: Uhm… they were looking to expand to Andromeda and they wanted to expand to this other galaxy and start a foothole there, but they couldn’t really find a way in. Andromeda tended to have many more stars, a closer [¿?] system, and they were all protected

And it was a shielding system that they couldn’t bypass, and so they didn’t really know what to do so they had selected one star with an inhabited planet, and it was protected by andromedan forces and they had… it was kind of a little bit farther, separated from the other ones and they figured that that was their best chance to try and begin…

And they had been able to scan it enough to know that the energy from the shielding system was compatible with one of my suits and that my suit could use it in a way to amplify my abilities. And then if I could get on the inside of that planet’s surface then I could use it to clear the planet and bring the shields down to open it up for their invasion.

And so the plan was that I was supposed to… At this point I had developed multiple extra abilities. I had developed abilities that allowed me to create shielding bubbles from myself, and allowed me to travel backwards and forwards in time whenever I wanted, inside a bubble.

I could go full light-body, I could travel in space on my own, without a spaceship. I could travel extremely long distances given enough energy. In the beginning I could portal multiple solar systems away… Uhm, and given that the energy was infinite I could portal as far as I wanted to.

And so, what they did for that specific mission was they… they traveled a good 2/4-3/4 of the distance to andromeda and they stopped. And I portaled in from there which at that time that was the extent of the distance I could portal. Well it was the extent of the energy that they could generate on that ship for me to portal that distance.

And so I portaled there and of course I portaled above the planet and I was existing in a full light-body at that time, I was able to gain access to the planet. And me, being a very positive being the way I was it was just like a trojan horse. It was exactly like a trojan horse. In that I was accepted by the planet. They treated me like a higher being, like I was some sort of ascended being…

And I was paraded around, they were not technologically advanced like you would expect a society to be that had that type of technology. They had a very close to earth living style, like maybe the american indians. They were humanoind and their ears were larger and their lobes hung down to the sides of their jawline. They had larger noses with ridges on them and they all had golden eyes and kind of a [¿?] complexion, and humanoid.

And so the whole point of this mission was for me to get close to one of the generators that they had on the planet. I didn’t even get the full feeling that they understood what the technology was. It was almost as if another race had put the technology on the planet to protect them from being invaded, and allowed them to progress upon their own advancement levels.

I got access to the generator. I was able to create a large enough… what they wanted me to do, the mission was for me to portal them out into space, or out near the sun where they would be pulled into the sun and they would all be killed.

And I could not do that. I was able, instead I chose to portal them to another place that I knew of back in our galaxy, back in the milky way, in one of the planets that we haven’t looked at, for an outpost but we considered too close to our enemies. It was a beautiful planet, it was a jungle planet. And instead of killing them I portaled them there.

Host: OK.

META: The portal was like a giant tidal wave moving all across the planet spanning out from where I was standing in a circle from that generator. The generator was infinetly powerful, I cannot explain how powerful it was. It gave me the ability to portal as far as I wanted, it gave me the ability to create a wave of a portal that spanned across the whole planet and everytime the wave touched another generator it enhanced the strength of it.
And so the job was completed. It was a solo mission. At that point I was supposed to portal back to the ship and give them the green light. I shut down the shielding I was supposed to give them the green light to continue on to the planet. In my return I did not end up on the ship but I ended up in a saucer of light with light beings. And they did not speak. They spoke telepathically they did not speak in a language.

And they wanted to know where I sent everyone. And then they wanted to know a lot about me. And then we started to create a relationship togehter. And then on missions after that time it became a periodic thing where I would go back to my ship after a mission, and I would stop in in one of their ships and debrief and then continue on to my ship in a time-dilated fashion so it would look like I just came straight back.

Host: OK.

META: And that’s when I really became a double agent for the light. And it was my first time to ever experience lightbeings. Of a higer nature.

Host: And did they have some instructions for you? Did they have any message for you?

META: Yeah, they had many, a lot of it was based on my emotions and how I dealt with the choices that I had to make. They gave me extrabilities. Very subtle extra-abilities, not even abilities that you could punt into words. But uhm, things that made it, it’s even hard to explain. It solidified certain abilities in a way that they could not be tampered with, I guess it’s an explanation for what they gave me. And they allowed me to learn from them and were always very grateful and helpful with any information that they could give me.

Uhm, and so throughout the rest of my mission, periodically I would stop by one of these lightships, and debrief with them, and share [their plans], and quite honestly I get the feeling that they were going around behind me and fixing things and making it in a kind of a secretly quiet way all OK. And it became my only feeling of karmic retribution because as thing got worse, as they made me do more and more things that I considered to be bad karmically, or dark choices, it felt like it was the only way for me to keep things set right.

And there would be times where I could tell them what was going on with prisoners, and those prisoners would disappear. Or I could tell them that they had taken this ship… They loved to take opposed… ships that they had conquered and refit them and use them as trojan horses to attack other people. And that was one of the reasons why they were able to continue the process. If they used their only feelt [¿?] and a lot of times they would be… they wouldn’t get those opportunities to preted like they went off trail before they would attack. And so they would commandeer other ships and reuse them, after refitting, to be a trojan horse to attack another ship.

So a lot of the times when I would inform them of the ships that we ahd taken they wouldn’t get that opportunity either, and they would lose people. So over the period of time, eventually, between my fanciful excursions, what they used to call me going roge, which is when I would disappeard an gone back to earth and experience lumeria, or mu or other time periods.

Some of those times where spent with the light beings also and to heal myself emotionally, physically in a way from the damage that occured and they did an excellent job in doing that while sill not allowing to know, but eventually they caught on.

Host: Oh OK. They realized you were getting help.

META: Yes they realized I was getting help, they realized that I could not deal with the choices that they were making me make through the missions I was given. They realized all of this and I have to say that this was probably about when I was 18 years in, and that is when they managed to finally fetch me.

And I don’t know if it was one of the times I had gotten back to the ship, acting like normal, and I don’t know if it was the suit I was on or if it was a special feel, I don’t know how they did it, but I was trapped, and I was put in a suit that locked all my ablities.

At that time they didn’t know how strong my abilities were without the suit. So they would uhm, they put me in this suit that locked on all of my abilities, they prevented me to do any of my abilities and dissipated all of my psy energies. And there I was taken to this special room where they… it was a big squared room but with a bunch of smaller squares in it. And they used that to age regress me back to a younger age.

And it was a sealed room they I could not get out of, I wasn’t allowed to… it blocked all of my abilities also. As I shrunk obviously the suit fell off of me but it was shielded. At the very end I was flashed with something that knocked me out, and erased my memory, and the next thing I remember I’d been time dilated back to earth, back to 1982, and I walked to the grass back up into my bed and went to sleep like nothing had ever happened.
That’s pretty much how it ended.

Host: So they sent you back.

META: Yes.

Host: They didn’t try to kill you or anything, they just erased your memories and sent you back.

META: Well the reason why I think they were… I remember them having a conversation about this once while I was in the suit: They couldn’t kill me. All of the things that I’ve done… the good thing about being an organic time traveler is that most of the time is seamless, most of the time it doesn’t cause time anomalies… and it doesn’t cause a lot of branches in the timeline. But since an organic traveler is essentially a multidimensional being then removing him wipes off the timeline so he has to stay alive otherwise a lot of his actions won’t come to pass.

Especially since I created nodal points. The creation of the nodal points created… they could not get rid of me beacuse it would have irrevocably change the skills the I had, the abilities that I’d taught myself… everything

So they couldn’t kill me. I had to stay alive for all of my actions to stay as they were.

Host: OK.

MEAT: That’s why I was aged-regressed and brought back. It also it made sense that, I mean, covertly it could all happen that way. So I started school later that year and the abductions started soon after that and I was abducted on and off every two to three months until I was 12 years old and then puberty took over.

Host: And that’s when they were trying to supress this memories right?

META: Yes, uhm, with me, I had a very strong aura. I’d stored a lot of memories in that aura, the light forces that helped me do that… the light forces were very focused in making sure that I couldn’t forget everything. And because I’ve had so much time inclusion with them that they had found ways to interweave my memories throughout my auric soul field in a way that couldn’t be removed, so that there will always be a path of breacrumbs back to our memories.

And they set me up this specific… And I assume, I belive they set me up with this specific dreams triggers that when the right time came I would have these dreams and it would trigger all the memories. And I was very lucky in the fact that when it triggered all the memories they weren’t too jumbled or splushied. It only took me maybe a year and a half, two years to put it back in an efective way.

It was really hard about a year in, because that’s when I realized how multidimensional I was and how many different times I had been and very confusing on how long I had actually been up there and in what order everything ocured.

And even though I served 18 years in Dark Fleet I spent much more time up there than that because of the dilated vacations that I had, the time-dilated times I went rouge or went to earth and went to other planets. Or spent time with the light beings.

So I cannot tell you for sure how long I spent up there even though the measurement of time for the actual Dark Fleet experience is 18 years. The measurement of time up I was up there, moving around dilating time and coming back to the original time I was supposed to be in Dark Fleet is much larger than that.

Host: An in earth’s time it would be unnoticable, right? because it was all dilated when you were aged regressed right?

META: Yes, I was aged regressed also, this worries me for my future, because I’ve heard that uhm, those of us that were aged progressed and regressed reach a certain age and then age very quickly… Uhm it has’t happened to me yet but I know that my milage is much higher than my age. And so, it worries me for my future a little bit.

Host: OK, so yeah because in this timeline it’s like it never happened but you, your experience is well, many many years.

META: Yeah the years… and I mean it takes it’s toll, even when your age progressed and regressed there’s not some magical thing that jsut prevents it all from coming back at you, and it has the tendency to snap back on you like a rubber band, whereas at one point through the life you were given now it will snap back and you’ll progressibelly age that faster.

And I haven’t seen any signs of that yet. Up until recently I haven’t aged almost at all. in the course of 20 years of adulthood I haven’t aged at all, I look exactly like I did when I was 21. And it’s just now starting to show. My age is just starting to show, and that worries my a little bit, but uhm… it doesn’t seem to be moving too quickly yet.

So hopefully they have something going on where I have to be alive at least until… I don’t know, there’s some predetermined time that all of my traveling troughout time has taken effect, it won’t change.

Host: So yeah, there’s ceirtanly some positive intervention there right? And talking about the positive guys helping you, you said they were lightbeings. You know which race where they?

META: I can describe what they were like. We never spoke thelepatically… I mean we spoke telepathcally ONLY, we never spoke in words… and I’ve never even….

Host: Sorry, you saw images of them in your head? Like…

META: Yes.

Host: Ah ok.

META: They were a humanoid race but with not definite figures. You could see their eyes, but you couldn’t see anything else other than that. The forms of their hands were very fuzzy, they had mutiple fingers but it was hard to tell how many. They were white and fuzzy, they had a physical form but it was like touching electric cotton. It’s the best way I can explain it. Very soft, you could feel the electricity flowing through you when you touched them, but it was a very warm vibration, if that makes any sense, uhm, and they were extremely inteligent. Their communication a lot of times could not even be put into words. They required conscent for everything, and uhm, you always felt like you were given more than you asked for.

And one of the main reasons I loved visiting them is because how much it felt like it relieved the burdens of the life I had to live for Dark Fleet and how this weight was lifted off my shoulder and this feeling that everything would be taken care of… that as long as I continued to visit them and disclose what was going on that they would take care of all the negative effects that occured because of the choices I was forced to make. And that assurance is what made me feel so very confortablte and happy to come back over and over again.

Host: And did they call themselves in some kind of way?

META: They didn’t have a name that I know of. In fact I never asked for a name. I felt… it’s so funny how it is when you’re in situations like that. I guess that’s something to think about here on the planet a lot, is that you have to have a name scribbled somewhere and we have to know their history and what the’yre about.

But when you’re in an all altruistic situation like that, that’s all econmpassing, and time is not a thing of essence anymore, is more a oneness that it is aligned. You don’t think history is something in the past. It’s all there in front of you. Names become more and more pointless, it’s just recognizing a being for what they are, it’s all that’s required. I couldn’t explain it to you in a different way I guess that’s the best way to put it into words.

Host: OK. And now, do you think they were connected somehow to the ascended masters?


META: Yes. They were definetly and advanced race and uh, I cannot tell you if they were connnected. I mean the Ascended Masters, my experience with the ascended masters occured after I returned to earth, after I grew up. And during my early 20’s, before I had become awake and realized what was going on in the planet, or I had realized about my previous service, I had tilted dreams about my 20’s, but I was always able to describe in a way and I would take periodic jumps away from those dreams which were memories from my double life if you will.

And I would go into the angelic realms. I was always an avid astral traveler I’ve been lucid dreaming since I was 12 years old, and I’ve been astral traveling since I was 15-16… Uhm, and I’d gotten so good at it I learnet that by age 22-23 I’ve started to astral travel to the angelic realms quite often. And that’s when I started meeting and spending time with the ascended masters. In the angelic realms. I’ve gotten hold of some kabbalistic texts that talked about a tree of life, and I’d gone to a spiritual journey to explore the tree of life and to long open ended meditations, and then also astral travel to them at night to experience them. And that’s when I met the ascended masters.

Host: OK, so could you walk us through that experience? That first encounter with the ascended masters.

META: Yes, yes it’s a beautiful story too, it was a wondefrul dream. It happened when I was 23 years old and I had been working and working and working on these meditation to just getting to the Foundation. If you’re familiar with the tree of life the Foundation is right above the Kingdom and… which is where we’re suppose to reside is the Kingdom. and uhm, so… through all these meditations I had gotten to foundation, and I went to sleep.

In my dream I was traveling this long road. a very large highway. It was 12 lanes in each direction. And I had gotten lost. And I wanted to try and find my way and I noticed these off-ramp in this 12-lane highway and it didn’t look like any other off-ramp, it looked like it was made of glass, it looked like it was made of some type of luminescent glass. And I decided to pull off in my dream up to this off-ramp.

And it was like I stuck to it… gravity was different. It wasn’t like gravity only pulled you down, but it pulled you on to this road, and this road didn’t just turn aroud and go the other way on the highway. It took off straight up into the air and it spiraled. And it started heading north. And it continued to this elevation that was pretty steep heading up. And as I was traveling on it everything around me in my dream was very dark it was like it was nighttime… dark things were happening, uhm… and as I traveled up this highway everything started to lighten up and get very bright.

And I got very excited but I had this deep fear that I I was ignoring the problems of my life, of the past that I had experienced and decided to take this road for. And like I pulled over into this little way station. And it was like a coffee shop or like a futuristic coffeshop/gastation, I can’t even explain it. Uhm, and inside were people from down on the earth and people from a much more advanced level. And [¿?] that when you were either lost or unsure, find people who were the best of what was around you and try to ask them for advice. And that’s when I first met my first Ascended Masters.

And we sat there and we didn’t speak, but they spoke through generations of pictures. They would generate pictures, they would generate three dimensional shapes, uhm… and that was my first experience with them. And I was shown places I could travel to. I was shown… my first experiences from my past that I did not understand. Uhm… and looking back on it now that I ‘ve gotten my memories back it makes sense. There were certain times in my double life in my life with dark force that they had showed me… that explained why I shouldn’t… that I’d already experience that and I shouldn’t repeat those karmic steps.

Uhm… and that was the first time I’d reached into the angelic realms and it was like it was completely on accident, you know what I mean? I didn’t go into that night time dream and intending to travel to the angelic realms. Since then I’ve done it many times but that first time it was… I don’t know if it was a fluke or it was meant to be because of what I’ve ahve been calling towards me. But it was the first great eye-opener that there were beings higher than myself that wanted to help me sort out what was going on. And give me some solance in the fact that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.

At that time they didn’t want me to cling to my physical experience as much as I wanted to, as I demanded to. And I can remember some being a little sad when I left the experience and returned to earth a little early. But it wasn’t as sad as in like that they had much more to share.

Host: Oh OK. And you did meet them again.

META: Oh many times. In many different ways. I’ve traveled to many of the angelic realms, uhm… And I’ve spent most of my time in the first six dimensions of the angelic relams in different forms and fashions. And a lot of times you need an Ascended Master as a guide just to go to different places. It’s very easy to get caught off or sent back in the angelic realms if you’re not ready and you don’t have a guide. So their service is absolutely required for just us three dimensional beings to go fourth dimensional and travel there. It’s best to have a guide, or else you’ll get stuck along the way and you won’t be able to complete your mission, what it is your plan on accomplishing.

Host: So you visited the angelic realms, and did you visit the solar system too?

META: Yeah I mean the solar system, that’s on a physical plane. In our solar system I’ve traveled to many different places in our solar system, I’ve been to Mars, I’ve been to Venus and I’ve traveled to the moons of Jupiter. And I’ve traveled back before this sphere being alliance put up their shielding around the solar system I was able to travel to other solar systems back then.

Host: OK so your travels inside the solar system, in what timeline were they? This timeline?

META: Yes this timeline. All of those travels were in an astral body and they were done from the age of 27 to the age of 32.

Host: Oh ok so it’s recent.

META: Yes, yes. They were all done during these time periods and mostly to explore what types of sentient life lived on these planets, planets I was drawn to for one reason or another. I can’t explain… the moon was a treacherous place, it was hard to travel… it was hard to experience because there were so many different factions and you were blocked from going to so many places it seemed. My favourite places to travel were mars and venus though.

Host: Why? Is there anything interesting there?

META: Oh yeah. Mars has a multiple different sentient lifeforms that are very advanced and will communicate with you and that you can even set up basic exchanges of information, and that you can learn from each other. Venus is more like philosohpy. There’s no violence on Venus. Venus is just a place for contemplation of the meaning of subjects.

Host: So that’s on the physical plane right? Or higher up the octave?

META: I have to say that it’s both.

Host: Oh

META: That they exist on the physical plane and on higher planes at the same time.

Host: And in Venus, how are the races there? Uhm it’s the Hathors no? That the name of some families that live up there?

META: I’m sorry what was that name?

Host: There’s an egyptian god [Correction: Goddess] called Hathor


Host: It’s from Venus?

META: I do not know about him in particular, I can tell you that it was like an intergalactic place. There were different species. So many species that you couldn’t identify them all

Host: Oh OK.

META: And they would sit in larger round oratoriums if you will, places were one person could stand in the center and speak about a certain subject of philosophy. And the other would sit around and listen and wait for his oration to end and ask questions in different ways.

And they had a certain system in the way that they did things there but it was always a very peaceful system. And they had a tendency to never make a decision. There was always up for debate and there was never a definitive…

[connection lost]

Host: And these species, were they mostly humanoid?

META: No, no. Other things had humanoid like bodies, but multiple arms or multiple legs, uhm… Just any type of alien that you can imagine. Do you know what I mean? Uhm… it was like the moon, but in a much more open setting. In the moon they kind of kept to themselves in all these different areas. On venus they intermingled much more openly.

Host: Ok, so you were invited to join them.

META: I was… I was allowed to be in their prescence. I don’t know if I was invited or not but I know that they did not… prevent me from going there or disallow me from being a part of the system that was occuring there. I got the feeling that they just didn’t made any strong discerning choices on anything.

They witheld their discernment to explore the philosophy in different belief systems and aspects of those belief systems. And it was like everyone there had to have certain credentials. Or some kind of philosopher to even be allowed there.

Host: OK. So you had some let’s say cultural exchange with them?

META: Yes it would be upon the subject of everything, from the advancement of the human race upon this planet, to the intergalactic trade of DNA to uhm… whether or not it was acceptable for certain species to claim dominion over other species, there’s…

[Connection Lost – Sorry for the technical difficulties]

META: Hello are you there?

Host: Sorry, I lost you.

META: It’s OK.

Host: So we where talking about Venus, but you visited many other places right?

META: Yes, uhm… several of the moons in the Jupiter system and Mars. Mars in particular was very helpful for me in developing certain offensive and defensive psychic abilities after my return.

Uhm, these things I worked with the insectoids and the reptilians. The native insectoids and reptilians of Mars to learn. And I just exchanged the knowledge I had for the knowledge that they shared with me. And this developed certain psychic abilities that allowed me to defend myself in different situations during attacks, uhm… to purposely throw people off of my [¿?]. Allow myself to be invisible if they weren’t looking for me types of things… And to offer myself the ability to target and pinpoint those that were trying to do me harm, and find ways to stop them.

So Mars was… in some ways it brought a lot of the memories from my training in Dark Fleet that I did not remember. Uhm, things that I think that the Ascended Masters in the angelic realms kind of had their hands tied about, you know? Because they were lessons that could cause harm, if I did not used them correctly. So they were the kind of things that I don’t think the Ascended Masters could share with me because of the fact that I could have use them for negative purpouses.

But Mars would show me all day long. So I definitely took advantage of that there.

Host: And they just wanted an exchange, for you to tell them your experience in the SSP?

META: Uhm, they wanted the experiences on the SSP, they wanted my knowledge on portaling and other things like that, they wanted exchanges of those informations. The reptilians were very hard to deal with first. I had to be accepted into their tribe, you know? at first there was not much interaction with them. And they did not like me and I was sent home a bunch of times. and then eventually they just kind of gave up on that because I just kept coming back

And then we went through a period where all that was allowed was for me was to answer their questions. And then met a coulple of what I called their shamans. Very powerful, metaphysical beings. I mean, physical bodied beings, but they could talk to me in an astral body, they could communicate with me.

And that’s when the exchanges started to occur with them. Now, with the insectoids it’s much easier. They would let you rigt in and they are all about exchanging information from the very beginning and straight through. And they didn’t care necessarily if your purpouses were positive of negative. They were more about the information they received and whether or not it was worth it.

Host; OK. So you said that these abilities helped you circumvent the Dark Fleet’s… Oh no, this was after the Dark Fleet.

META: Mhm, yes, this was after.

Host: But they still helped you, these new abilities.

META: Oh yeah these abilities gave me the ability to stay below the radar, to block negative attacks, uhm to headway and focus on the actual uhm… person targeting me and find different ways to circumvent that attack.

Once you know who it is, or where it’s coming from and identify the place and position you can scatter their attack… you can cause other problems with the energies that are being proyected towards you, it’s easier to reflect them once you know where they’re coming from… many different things once you identify, you know, where’s coming from. It’s easier to tell what their motivation is.

Host: So they are still trying to attack you, they are still harassing you to this day.

META: Oh gosh, it’s been happening for a very long time. And honestly the people around me have suffered more that I have. And uh… it’s just… you can’t always help everyone. You can’t be there 24/7 all the time, and… you know there’s times where, you know… there’s no way to prevent all the attacks on everyone around you. And the point is more to find a way to not allow that to destroy you. You can’t allow all of that uhm, all of that negativity to destroy you also.

Host: OK so their MO is basically to attack the people that you love, that you can’t protect all the time.

META: Correct. If they cannot harm you, then they will attack everyone aroud you.

Host: Ok… so, is there anything else important to disclose? What is it like, the big bomb that you could drop right now.

META: Oh gosh… well, I mean I can’t… I don’t don’t know, other than the interview we had last time. It’s still the same tings we’re looking at. Cobra’s recent mission is the most important thing to occur on this planet in milennia. The light network is a game changer and it’s going to make everything a lot better for all of us. And I’m looking forward to it’s completion coming in the next few months. and I cannot wait until it’s fuly opeartional and I can use it on a regular basis.

My dreams for the last 5 years have shown me different aspects of it and prepared me for it’s completion, and um… it’s gonna make everything easier. It’s going to ensure the implementation of the galactic codex here on the planet. And that is the greatest step towards our freedom.

Host: And how can we help in this process? How can we make it faster?

META: Oh I’m glad you asked that question. I’ve been doing work like this for four years, five years maybe, on the plasma plane. The plasma plane is where most of our negative entities reside. It’s where they hang out to feed on our negative emotions. On your way off to sleep at night, you can greatly affect this plasma plane. When passsing in between the physical realm and the etheric realm.

When heading in to a dream state you focus on generating a lot of positive plasma, pulling the energy from the galactic central sun, feeding it into the earth and spwewing it like a giant fountain back out of your body.

Host: Ok I have a question here, because the energies come from the galactic central sun and you’re lying down So I assume it’s a column of light. But in what angle does it come? Is it perpendicular to your stomach to your abdomen? Or does it come through you head?

META: Well, the way I do it —personally— and I mean it’s going to be different for most people, I imagine my astral body extending out towards the great center of this universe, where the greatest foudnation of light is in this universe. And then I bring about the sice of a light charger blade that you would see at dinner that plate, that size and a big old roud pull up this back. I use that energy, I connect to the galactic center and as long as.. and since it came from the center it has like a connected energy. It’s infinite in so that it continues the same size no matter how much you pull from it.

You could think of it like “Oh it’s like water were the more I pull the less is in there” but because of it being an infinite type of energy now that it is connected, you know?, I guess like [¿?] from you heart chakra 600 ft in the earth with blooming pink flowers coming out of it.

I’ve created different forms of energy that it attaches to negative entities and starts to transform them, it gives them the ability to empathize. Anything is possible in the plasmatic realms when it comes to these things. Uhm, those vines I created I made them so that they would release pollen throughout the entire plasmatic plane, and anytime that pollen landed anywhere on a negative entity it would start to expand, almost like a fungus or a spore or something like that. And then they would encase them in this energy that would give them the ability to empathize and feeling all the emotions instead of feeding only in the negative ones.

Uhm… if we all started doing that, all at the same time… I mean imagine creating vines like that that could drop a seed and grow in the plasmatic plane. You know what I mean? You want something that is going to progress after you’re done creating it. It shouldn’t be like a faucet where you turn it on and the energy flows, but you’ve fed it only that period of time and then no. The energy should be able to progress after you finish you proyect.

Host: Ok so you do this with your will, with your concentrated will right? The imagination?

META: Well it flows through your heart. A very big part of this is learning to live from your heart and not through your head. So much in our society is focused upon “opening your 3rd eye”, “using your crown chakra”. Well I have to say that opening your third eye does give you the ability to see into this realms, and your crown chakra works as an antenna, but when you learn to use your heart correctly, through the heart meditations —I believe there are 4 chambers of the heart—, when you learn to think with your heart, that’s where all really comes from. And it feels effortless. When I was doing those things it was my heart telling my head what to think, it wasn’t the other way around.

Host: Ok so before doing this kind of work we would need to learn how to use the heart.

META: Well, yeah I can give you the four basic understandings of the heart that allow you to do it. If you meditate on these things you’ll understand. The first chamber of the heart is like, the green chakra that we’re all used to that’s the [¿?] form of the heart. Another example would be the bulb of the lotus. It represents the continus regenerative healing process that we all receive from source. Uhm… the next one would be LOVE, all encompasing unconditional love. It would be the blooming of the pink lotus blossom. That unconditional love is what gives you the ability to look pass all of the pain and anguish you have experienced and sent towards other people, and find a way to only send the most positive energies out.

Host: OK and that is the opening of the lotus.

META: Correct. Alright.

Host: And the fourth?

META: Yes, but inside the opnening of the lotus is the third chamber of the heart which is were you Overoul has written all the information you need to know for your mission on this planet, in a light language.

Host: Well I think I’m gonna need you to actually write those down after this because they seem to be so important.

META: They are.

Host: To like, have a structured meditation that we can sahre and then we can tell to everyone like: “Hey you can transform the plasma plane yourself”.

META: Well yes, and that’s the whole point. Uhm, now inside the 3rd chamber where your Oversoul, which is the soul that feed all the multidimensial yous, — your Oversoul is a giant soul of your soul that is experiencing infinite lives at this moment in time in infinite dimensions. It gave a small portion of this energy into your body and gave you all the information on why your here, what karmic experiences you’re supposed to transmute and what your mission is, in that light language.

When you get into that sphere (for me) it was kind of a red color, almost darker sometimes, a wine red color. As you spend more time in there it will lighten up more and more and more, you’ll get brighter and brighter and brighter. The brighter it gets the more you’ll be able to see the writing, the light writing. You can read it, you kind of have to focus on it and watch it for a while. And it will start to make sense, you’ll start to see images, you’ll start to feel emotional feelings, you’ll start to reach a connection point where that makes perfect sense.

It’s like the enterity of your being has to understand it, each one of them. Connecting to your Oversoul, which you can do at meditations at anytime, the highest version of yourself, aids you in understanding the langage of your heart. Exponentally. The closer you get to connecting to your oversoul the easier it is to read the light language.

And then of course there’s the final chamber, which is what I call the “tiny space”, which is like a seed of light from source inside of you. And that is what makes you the infinite being you are. It will look likeka tiny spec of light. And as you travel towards you you’ll feel like you’re moving through time and space, eons and an unmesurable amout of distance but it always seems to be the same size. Uhm… what you find is that if you focus on it, and you just focus on that dot and you proyect love and unconditional love towards it then it begins to get larger. It’s not the traveling or mowing towards it that makes it larger, it is the proyection of inconditional love and your understanding in this place in this universe that makes it grow.

Feeding that seed of Source is what empowers your [¿?] of energy that you can hold inside of you to increase. The larger it is the more energy you can proyect, the more energy you can store, the more energy that you have to change the world aroud you.

Host: So just by contemplation of this tiny space.

META: Correct. But I’ll tell you it’s very hard to get close to the tiny space without understanding the other 3 chambers. Uhm… you can’t… it’s very hard to go at it the other way around. We access it sometimes but we don’t have an understanding of it. And you can feed it the other way aroud but it’s not as powerful unless you’ve done the work with the other 4 chambers first.

Host: Oh ok, and this 3 [correction: is 4 chambers of the heart] chambers well there’s meditations to try to connect, but I assume there’s also things you can do everyday to get closer to your heart right?

META: Oh definetly, one thing I recommend doing is you wake up everymorning with a resolute choice to do your very best and love everyone aroud you. And if the person is extremely negative and draining, to only separate yourself from them. Trying not to cause them any harm, but instead only learning to separate yourself. Uhm… Other than that you have to be focused on your own upkeeping healing. That would be the first chamber.

The second one of course the opening of the lotus that would be unconditional love… and then the third choice is, to everyday try to connect with the Great Soul that is the Oversoul, what’s inside of you.

And when you get a close connection you’ll start to feel strong profound feeling of direction. Uhm, a feeling of knowing why you’re here and what you should be doing. A feeling of knowing that certain choices you have made are continuations of all karmic choices. And you’ll find it to be easier to avoid the repetition of negative or karmic choices. By staying connected to your Oversoul you’ll feel like “I’ve already done that before, I don’t need to make that choice again” type of things.

Host: Ok so once you decide you can just stop doing those decisions, right?

META: Yeah. It’ll almost make you feel like you’ve done the exact same thing a thousand times ¿Why are you still doing it that way? Like you’ll feel this weird feeling inside of you. It’s almost like a different path is opened in front of you, it’s a different choice.

And that happens when you’re connected to your oversoul. Imagine there being an infinite number of yous out there in other dimensions making choices. And when they [¿?] that information and make the rigth choice that’s what it’s like being connected to you Oversoul.

Host: Ok, yeah I’ve had those kind of experiences where I say “No, I don’t want to do that anymore“, and it’s almost like a weight that falls off your shoulders, like I don’t need that anymore.

META: Yeah and you realize… yeah what’s funny about that it’s that’s an old karmic debt you’ve thrown out by making that other choice. And it’s very freeing, it lightens your soul. It gives you the ability to focus on more important things. And keeps you from being bogged down to this placeholder. We’ve been stuck for so long on this planet, you know? having all our previous lifes’ karmic choices erased we don’t even realize we’re carrying that weight around until we connect to the oversoul and we realize.

Host: Ok, very very interesting I think we’ve covered most of the things in the file that I sent you. We agreed to talk about specific subjects this time. But I wanted to hear from you some words of encouragement, something that would keep us motivated and focused on our goal, that would keep us inspired.

META: Oh, uhm… I have to say the collective energy of this planet, that causes the perception that we all see in front of us is changing. And that the more of us that participate in the daily/weekly meditations the better it gets. I see first hand these changes quite often. I can see forward and backward and sideways into time to know that what we’re doing now, the way our meditations are going have greatly changed the effects on the planet. And it greatly improved our planet’s overall perspective. If I could do anything to speed up the event, it’ll be focusing on these meditations more often.

And a lot of us are worried that if we don’t hit the exact time everyone else is meditating, uh… it doesn’t matter. The reality is that whenever you do it it matters. Whenever you feel like you need to do it and it hits you, you should meditate at that time, for the freeing of this planet. Using the meditations that Cobra suggested is a very good way to do it.

Host: You mean the Cobra and Isis meditation or which one do you mean?

Cobra: Uhm, well Cobra was the one who suggested to use the galactic central sun running through all the planets, all the bodies in the solar system, and bringing that energy down through us into the earth, into the center of the earth and back out into the surrounding atmosphere aroud us. That is an excellent meditation. It works very well. And I have to admit it was mildly more advance to what I used before, and it took some adjustment for me to do it that way. But I have to say it is more effective. And so I definetly recommend using it.

Host: I get the feeling that that is also going to trigger the Compression Creakthrough. We’re going to make the Compression Breakthrough through this meditation.

META: Yes, I agree becuase when you pull… before I had been sending the energy into the earth was… was the problem… I haven’t been doing that before. Before I was sending it straight from source, from the galactic central sun and proyecting it through me, out into the atmosphere, back into the plasma plane. But for the Compression Breakthrough to work it must go to the center of the Earth also, that being said so that its upsides are moving towards the surface of the planet at the same time. The energy has to be fed through and laced almost like your sowing a wound, you have to go back and forth, you know what I mean? so that both sides are being pull toghether at the same time. The energies have to energies into the earth also. And that’s an extremely important part of it, that part of the meditation, sending it into to the center of the earth.

Host: OK. So that’s gonna heal the planet actually.

META: Yes, not only healing the planet but it allows the light forces of the inside of the planet to identify another nodal point that they can advance towards. If they don’t have a perspective of places they can advance towards of people holding the light it makes it harder on them. If they have a destination, a place of someone holding the light on the surface, and they have a perspective, and you’ve been sending them light, then it makes it easier for them to advance.

Host: OK. And just to finish with a bang. Let’s say, you’re perspective on the present day… what’s you’re perspective for today?

META: Oh gosh my perspective is that we have a lot of changes happening right now and we’re watching alot of the things to be foiled ona  daily basis and we’re wacthing a lot of exposure of the Deep State/shadow government at this time. All this is happening in fron of us, everyday. New information is coming out everyday, and advancing towarrds open disclosure, we’re seeing the extraterrestrial disclosure, albeit a false disclosure, but is what we’0ve seen from our government from a very long time. SO I have to say, it’s definetly something that we… it’s definetly a positive. The changes are not normal and we need to appreciate them for what they are, which is an advancement to our eventual goal.

Host: Oh thanks for those words, and I almost forgot. I was goint to ask you if you could recognize some people. So I sent you a picture, two pictures actually through Skype.

META: I just saw them, but I need to figure out how to get to the chat so that I can see them again. There they are. Uhm…

Host: Have you seen someone simliar to them?

META: The top one I have, but they had hair. It was white. And they were inner earth beings. I’ve never seen a reptilian hybrid like that. I could tell if thats the skin or the light… uhm… I don’t know it’s possible.

Host: It’s OK. A reader of us asked us if we could identify these races. So guess the first one could be inner earth and the s

META: Yeah but they had hair. They had a white colored hair. And I coulnd’t say if their head was as large as that one. They definetlyt had a more neck… Not a neck either. Their skin was white, not much as a gray color. But they had the dot in their center of their head like that.

Host: Wow.

META: As far as that reptilian hybrid on the bottom. I’ve never seen anything like that in my experiences.

Host: Yeah they might just be some artistic, you know? representation of some sort.

META: Yeah definetly.

Host: OK so we are almost done on time now, it’s been also 90 minutes. I’m gonna have to work again full time on the transcrip. No problem.

META: Did we get some questions from the audience this time? I so love those.

Host: Uhm yeah, I think we covered most, but yes. Actually these two pictures were sent by the readers, and I don’t know if you saw the photos of lightships that I sent two days ago?

META: I’m not sure… I saw the photos of the lightship that were around hawaii during the false flag thing. But that’s the last lightship I’ve seen photos of.

Host: Yeah, and then we saw some lightships in peru, on January 22.

META: Oh was that the rainbow? the big rainbow… That’s a plasmatic thing.

Host: Ooooh.

META: That’s positive plasmatic energy. That’s what it looks like when you can see it.

Host: So it’s the good guys clearing the plasma plane.

META: Oh yeah, and it’s so powerful that you can see it in our dimension. That’s how amazing it is, that’s how powerful that is. It’s breaking through through our dimension and so that you can see it in our dimension.

Host: Oooh ok so that’s the light that’s precipitating to the physical plane.

META: Correct.

Host: Ok there you go, perfect. Nice. Now yeah, we have some questions actually. I don’t know if you could answer them because they’re more specific. The first one is: I am from venezuela, could you ask META about the situation in my country?

META: Venezuela… I don’t know enough about it. I have to be honest, I don’t.

Host: Yeah that’s a bit of a geopolitical question.

META: I could do some astral traveling and answer enxt week. I can focus in Venezuela and give you an ansewr next week.

Host: Oooh yeah,a ctually venezuela and latinamerica we need a lot of information there’s not a lot going around on the internet.

META: OK, yeah I’d love to do stuff like that.

Host: Wow! Perfect, I’m so happy. And the second question is: Is NESARA… Have you heard about NESARA?

META: Oh yes, I’ve been focused on that for many many years.

Host: Ooh ok. Well it says: ¿how is it going to change something?

META: Well it’s not gonna happen until after the event. Anything before that you can expect it to be either a scam or false disclosure or something like that. We get this a lot were they say “oh it’s tomorrow”, “we’re ready for it”, you know? and nothing happens. And the reality is it just can’t happen ’til the global elite have been arrested. Until the global elite has been taken away from the lethers that control the money it wouldn’t make any sense at all to do it. So the event has to occur first. We might see some small release of funds in different ways… Some more positive cryptocurrencies and stuff like that. But it’s a risk. Cryptocurrencies are a very big risk and I’d say that you can expect the governments come down to them really hard at some point. So, you know? unfortunately as much as I would like there to be some kind of basic income and NESARA to happen, some relief enacted, it’s just not gonna happen until after the event-. And I’ve been a big dreamer. I’ve one of the ones to scream for years now. And I just had to resign myself to accept that that’s not gonna happen until after the event.

Host: Well it seems to be very close anyways, we can wait.

META: Yes the event seems to be very close right now. And we could actually pull it off very soon. And if that occurs, here comes NESARA, you know what I mean? It won’t be long after that that NESARA occurs, and abundance for everyone the way it should be.

Actually there’s a questions relating to that because I think we’re in the 10 days of darkness that Q talked about. Like, the government supposedly shut down the 19th. And we have to do sometihng before january 31, there’s some decisions to be made.

Right. I mean today there was released information by Q that Obama had to take cousnil about his participation in the shadow government and his implementation of different operatives and different government organizations, anad their conversations of supposedly assasinating trump. And Uhm, so even though we call it the 10 days of darkness we’re still getting information everyday whether or not that means after the 10 days we’ll see stuff on the media or not… I don’t know but it might just be alluding to the shut down of the government for 10 days, and if it was actually planned to be shut down for 10 days then we shuold expect something to occur after those 10 days, you know? But we can only especulate at this time what is sgonna happen.
But it’s exciting is [connection lost]

Host: OK. I’m loosing you but I have something that you’re gonnna like wait. Let me call you again. Oh! There you are. You heard me?

META: Yes I heard you.

Host: OK, so someone’s asking actually… Ok, it says “Please send him a photo of me if you have time, I’m curious if he remembers me from the SSP. Please don’t say my name though”. I’m gonna send you the picture.

META: I have mayor problems remembering names from the SSP anyways. I can’t remember one single name.

Host: Ok so he just sent me this picture for you to see. And tell me if you remember him


Host: I’ve sent it through the chat.

META: Ok. I have to figure out of to come back to my chat.

OK. There’s the file. It’s downloaded. Open… Uh! Maybe someone I trained with? It could have been someone I trained with. And when I was on the first ship, during graduation.

Host: So, I want to show everyone the picture. So, would you say he’s part of your group, maybe?

It’s hard to say. But I have to say that he looks familiar. He reminds me of… he was either a soldier in the raiding forces on other ships or he was part of the training party that we were on, on the first ship. After that time we were separated and we hardly saw each other ever again. Those are the only two places were I could place those features, from that time period in SSP.

Host: So maybe if he wants I’m going to connect you with him, because well that means there’s more people like you. There should be more people now getting their memories back a and ready to go.

META: I’d have to say that is probably one in five.

Host: One in five?

META: Yeah believe it or not that have been of the planet in some kind of SSP experience… it’s way more than you realize. It’s a lot more than you realize.

Host: One in five people on earth?

META: Yeah

Host: Oh my god.

META: At first I thought that it was maybe 1 in 10 you know what I mean? But many people in the military don’t realize it but they’ve been through some experience with the SSP one way or another. There’s just a lot more than we realize in different ways. Whether it be an abduction for DNA or… specific training in certain experienices where they were being ginea-pigged for… uhm, specific things being used off planet…
There’s a lot of different ways… you could be constructing materials that are going to be used off planet and don’t know. There’s just al lot of different ways in which we are involved in the SSP in ways we don’t realize yet.

Host: Well if it’s a big portio of the population I think we need some kind of tip to rememebr and not to be overwhelmed by our memories, because we might block them.

META: Well not everyone that had their minds blanked was age progressed and regressed. Some people are just… they don’t realize that they are actually a part of it, whether it’s a military situation or a factory situation. They don’t realize the materials they’re making are going off planet. You know what I mean? Or different things like that.
The same way a lot of the people inside the Deep Underground Military Bases don’t realize a lot of things they’re doing is… uhm, you know? The connections are much deeper and farther spreading than we realize. That’s what I’m saying.

Host: So, maybe we could just ask for help to higher beings so that they can remember safely? I mean I guess it can be rather hard to remember these things

META: Yeah, the most important things like I said in the previous interview were bringing back the fragments of your soul, you have got to ask for the soul fragments that have been taken away from you… uhm, that’s a big leap forward as far as remembering the experiences in this lifetime. And it’s also a nice step forward, astral and plasmatic implants. Getting your star familiy to help you remove all of them. Those are the two greatest things you can do to get you memories back.

Host: Yeah I’m just asking these questions because I don’t want them to be like a… a very hard experience to me, you know?

META: Yea, it’ll be much smoother if you do those two things.

Host: OK. Perfect. Pheeeew, that’s still a lot of info, thank you, thank you very much for joining us in this second interview and you said you were willing to do a third one next week.

META: : Yeah, I’ll do as many as it takes.

Host: Perfect because i love these interviews and I’m sure people do to so see you next week then.

META: Alright! You guys have a wonderful evening.

Host: Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Second Interview with SSP insider: META — An Unveiling of the Dark Fleet

  1. i have been following corey goode, and some others who have come forward (see exopolitics – michaels site) but this interview esp the second part is mind blowing and i have to more interested in the spiritual side of things than the cabal caca to i do everything to share that news so people wake up…and the lightbeings is awesome but also how he portals in and out and time travels! i wish he would be one o the people who are REALLY OUT…talking to david wilcock and corey to speed up disclosure…and maybe even speak at a contact in the desert ? anywhoo mahalo for both of you! aloha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Noted! We’ll ask more spiritual questions in the next interview.

      And we’d love to see META in Wilcock’s site as well, let us all share until he notices us 😉


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